Oh Seattle

This actually happened a couple of weeks ago when I was heading to PAX, but I only randomly remembered it now.

I hopped on the bus to head downtown, still a bit groggy. The bus was fairly empty. I was about to choose one empty row, but realized someone had left a Bible sitting there…so I sat in the row behind it.

I rode the bus for about 15 minutes until I got to the stop where a couple of my friends were joining me. During that time period, at least six people were about to sit in that row, saw the Bible, turned back, and kept walking to another spot on the bus. But by the time my friends got there, the bus was pretty full. One sat next to me, and the other looked dejectedly at the Bible before sitting next to it.

The woman sitting near us laughed, and quipped about how only in Seattle would people avoid a Bible so much.

I had assumed someone left the Bible there as a form of evangelizing. But my friend flipped through it, and it was full of notes and business cards and phone numbers and flyers. Looks like it was nothing more than an organizational tool someone had left behind.


  1. capncaptain says

    Something like that happened to me today on CityBus, except instead of a Bible, it was a paper bag from Burger King.

  2. PDX_Greg says

    Of course nobody wanted to sit alone on the bench with the bible; it would be like sitting in their own pew!

  3. leftwingfox says

    I think I’d be worried about sitting next tot the bible, then finding myself trapped by a man with Watchtower magazines watching from a few rows behind.

  4. says

    You could have grabbed it and looked as if you were reading it. If someone looked at you or commented you could have said “I’m just picking out the AWESOME parts like Abraham killing his son Isaac because his invisible friend told him to!! It’s a AWESOME book!”

  5. viridis says

    Really? That’s a bit hostile. For all the problems Christianity has, and there are plenty… it’s still just a book.

  6. Otranreg says

    If it were a piece of crap, people would have behaved in the same way.

    You can’t fool the people.

  7. Reverse Polarity says

    Surely you must know by now that Seattle has among the lowest church attendance in the country. It would be completely commonplace for Seattleites to passive-agressively ignore that bible Evangelists get laughed at here.

  8. ethanol says

    To be fair she specified that she would do this if she were a monkey, which implies not only a propensity for smearing shit, but also a certain lack of cognitive sophistication.

  9. rem says

    What did you do with the Bible? I feel bad for whoever lost their organizational tool. I’m always losing things, it sucks. And I suppose it’s a double-blow to somebody who is religious.

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