Oh Purdue

I feel like I should fight this, saying there’s only room for one internet meme to come out of Purdue…but it involves cute guys being stupid, so I can’t resist:

My thought of “And then they fell and snapped their necks” flitted away once I laughed at the guy hanging off the Amelia Earhart statue outside of the dorm I lived in for a year.


  1. Gus Snarp says

    This is your brain on drugs. That is absolutely the dumbest, most pointless thing I have ever seen. I can never trust your video links again.

  2. says

    It’s hilarious watching their heads turn bright red as the blood rushes to their heads. Maybe the extra oxygenation will simulate the realization that they are being stupid….that said, I do want a gravity bar for my home to help with allergies, back pain, and extreme situps…

  3. Annie says

    The dumbest thing ever… and I loved every minute of it!  There was a christian blogger who was trying to get “versing” going… his definition is to hold a bible verse in front of the atheist bus stop ads and take photos.  Sadly, it never really took off.

  4. Ken McKnight says

    Wow, Purdue hasn’t changed much since I was there in the 80’s.  My girlfriend lived in Earhart and I was at Owen.  I thought I caught a glimpse of Slayter Center, which is just behind Owen.

  5. rabbitambulance says

    And another video that makes me seethe at Youtube and the record companies, who apparently believe that if I’m able to watch this video I won’t ever buy another record again.
    Anyone know how to get around this? Hidemyass.com doesn’t work for youtube…

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