Bill O’Reilly is a misogynistic moron

What’s new, right? Here’s what Bill had to say about the recent recommendation that birth control be subsidized:

“Many women who get pregnant are blasted out of their minds when they have sex. They’re not going to use birth control anyway.”

Yep. Women only get pregnant because they’re drunk sluts who don’t care about birth control.

…I don’t even have to say anything else, do I?

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  1. Jeremy Carroll says

    I would guess that Bill thinks this way because when he has sex (don’t visualize that) the woman (or possibly man) has to get drunk beforehand. He is basing his opinion on his own experiences me thinks

  2. Surgoshan says

    Wait…. Papa Bear believes women can be other than drunken sluts?  I thought “drunk slut” was the sum total of what conservatives understand of women.  If not a drunk slut then non-existent?

  3. Devin McAnelly says

    Well, maybe, if this trend of ever increasing stupidity continues, he’ll become his own parody and people will see him for the fool he is?Please, no one argue against that, it’s the only hope I have left!

  4. Dan Strauss says

    Science! where it is!?!?! When, oh when will be have the technology to cheaply and efficiently launch people like Bill (including Bill) into the sun?Wait… is this why we always have to fight for NASA budgets?

  5. Devin McAnelly says

    I don’t know. I think Bill would be better off in a glass box, with a sign saying why he’s in the box, as an example of how not to think. And maybe a stick. Because, admit it, you’ve always wanted to poke the Bill O’Bear with a stick.

  6. Jeremy Carroll says

    I’ll admit that, I would pay to poke Bill with a stick. Failing that, I would vote to have the glass box airtight.

  7. Ace_of_Sevens says

    If woman are generally too drunk to think of birth control when they have sex, that should keep the costs down, making the program a fairly trivial matter. I can’t really blame him for thinking this, though. Would you have sex with him sober?

  8. Jonathan Abdo says

    As horrible as the things that come out of his mouth are, Bill O’Reilly, as well as Glen Beck and many others are simply characters. In other countries, Rupert Murdoch’s “news” companies can’t get away with saying outlandish things without having the tabloid label slapped on them. Unfortunately, we aren’t as discerning here. Don’t let the troll-face O’Reilly get you down!

  9. Ibis3 says

    “drunken slut”, “baby factory”, “make me a sammich”, oh and “porn star”

  10. Jeremy Carroll says

    I’m sure NASA has plenty of time to work this out now that they have been relieved of the task of sending people to space. I don’t waste time listening to Bill but I’m sure he has plenty of positive things to say about that…

  11. Ann says

    Note: I would have to be blasted out of my mind to fuck Bill O’Reilly. I am sure most other women would have to be too.So perhaps you shouldn’t be so hard on Billy boy. Women being blasted out of their mind while fucking him might be all he can relate to?

  12. M31 says

    A sexually-harassing, misogynistic moron, who had to pay one of his employees millions of dollars in a settlement:  http://falafelfactor.blogspot….Transcripts were entered in court of O’Reilly telling this poor woman that he wanted to rub her all over with a loofah sponge, but he kept calling it ‘a felafel’.  HAHAHAHAHA so a general-purpose moron, too, not just in the misogyny area.well, HAHAHA except for the harassment part, poor woman, I hope she’s enjoying her money.

  13. Ibis3 says

    Hmm. If women can’t be trusted to use birth control before they get pregnant (putting aside for the moment that this would make all them babydaddies rapists for doing it with someone who is not capable of giving consent), maybe he should advocate subsidizing birth control afterwards. Now, what forms of birth control are available at that point? Plan B (if the debilitating hangover doesn’t last too long) or abortion. Okay, Billy. You want to subsidize those birth control options, I think we (& Planned Parenthood) can handle the pills and condoms.

  14. says

    Aside from the blatant sexism, here, does he know *anything* about birth control? I mean, how many women actually use forms of birth control that require them to do anything immediately before sex? According to the Guttmacher Institute, those methods – sponge, cervical cap, diaphragm, etc. – are less popular than pretty much everything else on the market.If anything, it’s the menfolk that need to make sure they’re good to go with the condom… but preventing pregnancy is ladies’ work, amirite Bill?

  15. says

    Late to the party here, but I just wanted to point out that there is also the ice tea angle to consider as well. For example, did you know that when you go to an African-American restaurant, the patrons will very often not yell out “WHERE IS MY MOTHER__ING ice tea”?Otherwise, I had another point I wanted to bring up about I CAN’T READ IT THERE’S NO WORDS THERE. TO PLAY US TO PLAY US OUT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? F__ IT WE’RE DOING IT LIVE! WE’LL DO IT LIVE! F__ THEM!

  16. says

    Perhaps you have to read it differently:”When they have sex, many women are blasted out of their minds”, as in “sex is awesome”.Could that be really the beautiful story of a vile talkmaster who discoveres, oh so late in his life, the potential for joy of his probably female sexual partner, the first little blooming of something like empathy for the feelings of another human being? And he knows no other way to express it than through rampant misogyny, as always?… na, probably not.

  17. says

    gah.  nothing that comes out of that man’s mouth surprises me any more.  and now, i have a vision of frogs leaping forth from O’Reilly’s mug.  great.

  18. Erik Hanson says

    I think what Bill’s doing here is revealing a cryptic message to the masses that his mother is/was actually a drunk booze hound, and it’s obvious that women who lead such sub-par lifestyles lack any scruples, so it’s quite possible that Bill has no idea which individual participant in the parade of men steaming in and out of his mother’s bedroom is his biological father.  This would explain why he’s such a bastard, and just by typing up this conjecture, my day has brightened considerably.

  19. says

    Not defending Bill, but in my experience as a teenager through mycollege years, many people were having sex intoxicated.  This drasticallylowers the chance of making sure you’re using protection.  I believe hispoint is therefore valid, and makes your inferred statement that all women aredrunk sluts look silly.  Don’t just make up things that support your camp,as I’m sure you already know how that makes your arguments less credible. Address what is really the issue: you find it appalling that he is againsthealth insurers paying for the full range of services for women at no costincluding birth control, counseling, and STD screening, and that his comment misses thepoint, as does yours.

  20. says

    I think you’re missing the point, hopefully not intentionally. The disagreement about policy isn’t really the issue. There are at least three other things independently wrong with Bill O’Reilly’s statement.1. The focus on women is sexist. In most drunken sex that might result in a baby, any birth control consists of (also) drunken men putting a condom on their own penises. So talking exclusively about “blasted” women holds them to a higher standard when it comes to birth control and sexual immorality. This is part of a long tradition of a double standard when it comes to sex.2. The gross wrongness of this argument. The fact that people do not always use birth control when they should is so far from a good, or even a valid argument, about subsidizing birth control it’s ridiculous.This is where Jen gets the implied “drunk slut” insult. The inference that all women, or at least all women who use birth control, are drunk sluts is the only way this argument makes any sense at all. If he’s not implying that all women (who use birth control) are drunk sluts who won’t remember to use it anyway, then why not subsidize birth control for the rest of them, the sober ones, who will use it?3. The overall tone of disgust. Even if you think drunken sex is some great moral wrong, coming from someone with a history of sexual harassment, who clearly hasn’t had great success controlling his baser urges, this is all beyond rich.I hope this helps. Thanks for the logic workout.

  21. jamie says

    *Shudder*.  Poor her, having to listen to *that*.  I imagine there isn’t enough bleach to clean the brain

  22. says

    Well, perhaps if Bill wasn’t supporting a party that does everything to obliterate sex education, girls wouldn’t get pregnant at such high rates… Abstinence is NOT a contraception method! (well, technically it is, but you get my point…)

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