Initiate Panic Mode

It’s that time of the quarter again, so don’t expect a lot of updates from me this week. This morning I got the lovely surprise that my end of the quarter departmental research presentation was being moved from Tuesday March 15th to Friday March 11th, eliminating four days of preparation that I would have really appreciated. On top of that our professor finally passed out our take home final exam two weeks late…and I have to finish that while scrambling to finish my research. Gah.

At least this means I’m done with the quarter much earlier, so I effectively get two weeks of spring break instead of one. If last quarter is any indication, I will be quite inebriated Friday night.

So yeah. No sleep for me this week, and if I blog at all it’ll probably be while on the bus, which is about the only chance I’ll have to read blogs or write my own. Though, I could use those extra minutes to read more papers… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Back to work. Yay grad school.


  1. hematophage says

    …you get spring break? Lucky. Not only do we not get it, we don’t have our undergrad minions that week to help with tedious benchwork!

  2. says

    I only get spring break because I’m a first year and still doing lab rotations. Let me enjoy my last spring break!

  3. Azkyroth says

    At least you’re not trying to nail down a basket case ex on signing a marital settlement agreement at the same time. >.>

  4. JM says

    My experience is old (by 30 years), but I thought that most science grad students got enough support to pay their way or nearly. Or have the last few decades of right, righter, rightest in politics done away with that?

  5. Nele says

    Good luck, you will cope with it all! :)BTW, our German defense minister, Freiherr von Guttenberg, today stepped down from office because he had plagiarized about 75% of his own doctoral thesis in legal studies. Not even our chancellor Merkel nor the “Bild”-newspaper (comparable to Fox News or the British “Sun”) were able to save him from the shitstorm, the German academia raised. :)Hehe. Get your PhD and become one of us “real” doctors…

  6. Steve in SA says

    Good luck with both the Final exam and the presentation. It’s better to enjoy your inebriation than to depend on it to help you forget.

  7. Tom says

    Just keep telling yourself you really love the subject matter and that you really enjoy the work. Can’t hurt to tell yourself all the pain will be gone by the time you’re halfway down the bottle friday night. :D

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