I still can’t believe that I’m actually in Fairbanks right now. I guess I’ve been really busy all day with the meeting that it hasn’t quite sunk in yet – I’m sure once I see a moose wandering around it’ll hit me. It’s absolutely gorgeous here though. I’m used to pancake-flat Indiana, with Purdue being void of nature and full of brick monstrosities…but here it’s just hills and green everywhere. Seeing the mountains in the sort of pastel dusk colors from the plane was so awesome. I just wish I could have gotten a photo, but alas, I didn’t have a window seat.

Speaking of plane rides, mine were a bit interesting. My flight to Seattle I was sitting next to two frat guys, wearing their letters and talking about a frat conference they were just at. They were nice, but I found it mildly hilarious that they were both watching the in flight movie of Confessions of a Shopaholic and seemingly enjoying it. This also made my day:

Guy1: *headbanging as if to a hard rock song*
Guy 2: Dude, what are you listening to? *touches iPod so it lights up*
Me: *looks and sees “Clocks – Coldplay”*
Guy 2: Bro, awesome.
Me: …

When we were landing in Seattle there was a rainbow! That was neat.

My flight to Fairbanks was also interesting. I was wearing my non-theist shirt again (I just can’t get enough drama, I guess) and the middle aged guy next to me started talking to me. First he tells me he’s from Utah. Hmmm. Then he says he has 8 siblings. Alarm bells start going off in my head. Then he says he spent a 2 year mission trip in Boston for the LDS church. Yep. Thankfully he either didn’t read my shirt, didn’t understand it, or didn’t care because he never mentioned anything. It was still a little awkward. Mainly I just didn’t want to get into any sort of religious discussion, especially since it was about 3 am my time and I just wanted to go to bed.

Alright, off to the social at the campus pub. Seriously, why don’t we have an official campus pub? Lucky!


  1. says

    >Alright, off to the social at the campus pub.>Seriously, why don't we have an official campus pub?>Lucky!

    9 Irish Brothers doesn't count?

  2. says

    Harry's Chocolate Shop doesn't count? Ok that's more of a frat bar. W. Lafayette does need a good old fashioned pub. Someone would make themselves a killing if they could find a good spot for one.

  3. Falyne says

    I've had variations on this conversation a few times, with the general topic of "what sorta music do you like?":

    Other Person: "OMG, I <3 Coldplay.."Me: "Ehhh… not the biggest fan of them."OP: "SERIOUSLY?!"Me: "They're kinda… a little boring?"OP: "How can you say that?"Me: "And it was called yellow… and it was all yellow… bah da bah da yellow… manamana yellow"OP usually just mutters at that point.

  4. says

    Campus pub as in officially on campus. As in, this pub is in their union.

    And I hate to say I like Coldplay, but it's my relaxing music. I wouldn't be headbanging to it.

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