Origami: Flower Tessellation

Flower tessellation

Flower Tessellation, designed by some guy I know locally

Today’s model is a tessellation that someone from the local origami meetup showed me how to make.  Sigh, remember meetups?  (Actually the issue is I moved and it’s far away.)  Anyway, this guy said he had been making tessellations for decades (?), before any of the origami tessellation books came out.  He had perfected a particular tessellation base, which is used in the model above.  He had a way of folding it with minimal precreasing.

I feel like I explain these terms over and over, but I don’t want people to feel overly confused by what I’m talking about.  Precreasing is when you make creases in the paper before collapsing it into the shape you want.  The normal method for making origami tessellations involves lots of precreasing, making a grid of squares or triangles.  I have a photo example below.


precrease grid

Some people don’t like precreasing, and avoid tessellations for that reason.  I don’t mind precreasing.  I started out with modular origami, so if I can make 30 of the same unit I can also make 30 precreases in a single sheet of paper. *shrug*

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