I made an EP

A while back I wrote about my forays into electronic music production. I dropped that project for quite a while, but when I went back to listen to what I had produced, I still really liked it. So I went back, tweaked things to make it presentable, and released an EP on Bandcamp.

It’s ambient/drone in 18edo tuning.

I could say more about the music, or the experience of making it, but probably not unless readers express interest. It’s a modest project, and I’m pleased if even a few people like it. I’d like to make more music in the future.


  1. seachange says

    I think the point of this kind of music IS to explain it?

    One cat liked your first track, the other did not. The opposite was true of track two. Both paid more attention to track three. I wasn’t able to listen to track one at full volume because some of the triangle waves were starting to trigger a migraine. I liked track three the best.

  2. says

    What would you be interested in? A) Tuning theory, B) programming instruments, or C) my personal experience making this EP?

    🙁 Oh no about the triangle waves. I don’t use triangle waves, I program my own instruments, but I think I know what you’re talking about. I don’t get migraines, but certain “resonances” also bother me, and I spent some time trying to tune those down. They just seem to show up a lot and I don’t know how physical instruments seem to avoid them so effortlessly.

  3. seachange says

    What the artist chooses to say (if they say) about the process can be as important as what the process is and the end result. Are you a Cage, a Bjork, or a Schrader?

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