Origami: Daylily


Daylily, designed by Meenakshi Mukerji

This is a 30-piece floral ball, or kusudama.  Not too much to say about it.

Except: this is one of the oldest origami photos I’ve posted, from 2013.  Whatever happened to this model?  I can’t find it in storage, and don’t remember giving it away.  I have to imagine it got damaged or destroyed.  Nothing lasts forever.  I often think back to a passage from origamist Tomoko Fuse:

Sometimes I burn origami that have been crushed or that prove unsuccessful in one way or another.  As I watch the green, blue, and orange flames (probably caused by the pigments used to color the paper), I reflect on the sad ephemerality of those animal forms and starlike solid-geometric figures and on the time I spent engrossed in creating them.

–Tomoko Fuse, Unit Origami: Multidimensional Transformations

Words to live by.  Enjoy the rest of spring.

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