A music post for 2017

2017 was a good year for me in terms of discovering new music.  You might have seen this intrude upon my blogging a few times.  I even started a separate blog for music–which I won’t link to because I’d prefer to keep my followers in the single digits.

I have a few highlights below the fold.  And yes, this stuff is thoroughly inappropriate for Christmas.

1. Frozen – “Let it Go” (vocals 1 step out of key)

Pluffnub has a whole YouTube channel that modifies music to be out of tune, off-tempo, or otherwise butchered.  I am such a fan of this channel, and all my friends and relatives have suffered.  My boyfriend has asked me not to play it when he’s around.

2. Gyorgy Ligeti – “San Francisco Polyphony”

Pluffnub ruined my ears and now I like Ligeti.  But seriously Ligeti has become one of my favorite classical composers.  This is a rather chaotic late work.  Part 2 is here.

3. Oxbow – “Letter of Note”

Shortly after becoming obsessed with Ligeti, I encountered this rock band and the Ligeti influence is so obvious (although perhaps not in this particular track).

4. Circuit Des Yeux – “Paper Bag”

Perhaps the most consonant music in this list, but I love it.  It’s something that made me think, hmm, maybe I should be listening to more folk music.

5. Dead Rider – “Blank Screen”

I found this music because it was under the same record label as Circuit Des Yeux. I think this group is fairly obscure but their variety of avant garde rock is my favorite new thing.

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