Women leaders? What women leaders?

Isn’t this charming.

Yesterday’s historic march across Paris included over 40 world leaders expressing solidarity for France after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, but if you read this Haredi newspaper, you’d believe that none of them were women.

The image that ran on the front page of the Israeli newspaper The Announcer edited two female world leaders out of the image, originally provided by wire service GPO…

Among those purged from the photograph were German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo. If God had meant for women to be leaders, he would have given them penises, eh?


  1. says

    We keep hearing how fundamentalist Muslims treat women, as if the fundamentalists of any major religion are that much of an improvement. There are some Jewish women in burqas, for crying out loud. And what these newspapers are doing (there was another famous case where Hillary Clinton and another woman were Photoshopped out of a picture) isn’t modesty. It’s erasure, it’s rewriting history. Heck, a black bar covering the women would be less outrageous because it would at least be admitting women were there in the first place.

  2. oldskoolnyc says

    And it was a sloppy photoshop edit it @ that. Blurred the faces, made it obvious that is was a photoshop. If your’e gonna do this, do it right!

  3. lpetrich says

    If Hillary Clinton gets elected President, what will that Haredi newspaper do about that? It seems like a VERY awkward dilemma.

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