Too awesome not to share: the Proud Whopper

Burger King is celebrating gay pride with a message on its Whopper wrappers.

The fast-food chain has posted a video online Wednesday that shows scenes from a San Francisco location where it sold a “Proud Whopper.” Customers were not told what is in the burger, which comes wrapped in rainbow paper. Once opened up, a message inside the wrapper states, “We are all the same inside.”

The idea is that the Proud Whopper is no different from the regular Whopper, despite its colorful packaging.

I’m going to paste that into my dictionary as the new definition of “brilliant.”


  1. Katie Anderson says

    I’ve already been told that it was discrimination because they didn’t offer “I am straight” wrappers. 😛 They didn’t respond when I complained about not being able to get “I’m not an Olympic athlete” wrapper at McDonald’s during the Olympics.

  2. Artor says

    Wow, I don’t normally think of Burger King as food, but kudos to them! This is actually kind of awesome!

    • sathyalacey says

      Tony, thanks for that link I followed a few more and stumbled across what I’m calling a Gold Medal in Internalized Homophobia:

      Excerpt: “So if Burger King wants let its affiliation be known in the culture war, again I say, fair enough. One more reason I’m glad I learned to cook in college. Not only do I not need Burger King, but it helped me to attract a super-hot wife who remains super-hot even after 17 years of marriage to me.

      She’s a girl, by the way.”

      Translation: “Just in case you didn’t guess it with my ranting about God’s Law and how eating a Whopper wrapped in a rainbow wrapper now makes me think of dude-on-due action, let me present my literal trophy of a DEFINITELY FEMALE wife to prove just how straight I am. And since she is SUPER HOT I think we all can agree that makes me SUPER DUPER EXTRA STRAIGHT.”

      Also, I liked the grammatical oddity of “remains super-hot even after 17 years of marriage to me.” He makes himself sound like a youth-devouring monster or something – isn’t amazing how hot she is even though I’ve been slowly eating her vitality for 17 years?

  3. hexidecima says

    make sure to let BK know that you approve. they have a contact link at the bottom of their website.

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