Low-cost space exploration

Recent budget cuts at NASA make it clear that the glory days are over, as far as funding is concerned. A report at the Discovery Channel website suggests the possibility of a lower-cost alternative to all those big, expensive rockets and stuff.

Over the past 50 years, billions of dollars have been spent visiting our nearest neighbor in space, the moon. It’s the only extraterrestrial body humans have ever walked on. Besides the United States and Russia, Japan, China, India and the European Space Agency have all sent robotic spacecraft moonward…

But why bother? says a group of parapsychology sleuths who accuse NASA of hiding evidence of aliens on the lunar surface.

Yep, a group of psychics has used “remote viewing” to discover that the Apollo 16 astronauts actually discovered wreckage of an alien spacecraft that crashed on the moon. The wreckage can even be seen in published photos—cleverly disguised as ordinary rocks and dirt. Damn those government censors for covering this all up!

A group called Transception Incorporated, self-described as an Austin, Texas based psychic R&D operation, sent a letter to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden that nominates the Apollo 16 crew for the Congressional Space Medal of Honor.

But there are strings attached.

This is a very transparent quid pro quo because the medal is being recommended for astronauts John Young and Charles Duke allegedly coming upon an extraterrestrial “shipwreck” on the surface of the moon during their third lunar surface excursion on April 23, 1972. A prerequisite for the award is that the crew is “released from secrecy” about what they really saw on the moon.

Hat tip to Slashdot, whose mention of this story also includes a nifty cool video from Transception Inc, showing their awesome high-tech super-sciency laboratory. Or a computer-generated model of it anyway.


  1. davidct says

    Information from remote viewing is a lot like information from the holy spirit. It is limited to what the psychic/believer already knows. When they makes claims beyond that, the quality of the evidence drops off to unbelievable.

    • StevoR says

      It is limited to what the psychic/believer already knows. dreams up in their fevered imaginations.

      Fixed It For You.

  2. Jim Baerg says

    Too Bad.

    When I saw the title of the post I thought it might be about something that would cut the cost of putting stuff in orbit.

    • Deacon Duncan says

      Right, but he only wants that when he’s campaigning in Florida, where most of the money would be spent. 😉

    • StevoR says

      That’s the best thing Gingrich has suggested ever in my view. Still think that Newt is a slimeball who isn’t fit to be President but .. one good speech and idea from him at last.

  3. StevoR says

    Dangnabbit! You had me going for a second there with the title.
    (Like #4. Jim Baerg.)

    I would so love to see us advancing into space development and exploration instead of retreating as seems to be the case now.

    Silly, silly people.

    Sadly, unfathomably, I’m sure there’ll be folks who take them seriously.

  4. Pierce R. Butler says

    No doubt the Transception people can verify their capabilities by providing specific descriptions of various chunks of human-made hardware still on the lunar surface, including details not made public.

    For that matter, they don’t even have to stretch their psychic perception all the way to the moon. My house is less than 1/250th of that distance from their HQ: just tell us which William Faulkner novels are on my hallway bookshelf, please…

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