Islamists burn the Quran


People were killed. Many were injured day before yesterday. Islamists threw stones at police, set fire to private and public property.

There were rows of bookstalls selling old books there even until Sunday noon. Hifazat-e Islam’s violent blockade of Dhaka on Sunday has gutted almost 40 of these decades-old bookstores along with thousands of its collections.

The bookstores on the opposite footpath and also those under the over bridge, seemed to have shared the same fate.

The loss continues with Hifazat supporters setting fire to another 11 stores located beside the south gate of the National Mosque Baitul Mukarram during their program Sunday. Followers of Hifazat who claim to be the keepers of Islam did not even spare the Holy Quran, books of Hadith and other religious books. The blackened pages of the holy scripture of Islam now lie scattered as ash under the pedestrian feet.

The bereaved booksellers said supporters of Hifazat-e Islam had set fire to almost 55 bookstores. Beyond 50,000 books worth approximately Tk 10 million have been destroyed in the abrupt arson attack on Sunday.

The people who had gathered to see the sight were erupting with disgust for those who assert themselves as ‘keepers of Islam’ but are also desecrators’ of the holy book of Islam.

They burned everything that they found around the streets, buses, trucks, shops. They burned thousands of copies of the Quran. The burning of the Quran, I believe, is the best thing they have ever done. No ordinary Muslim would dare to burn the Quran. But the Islamists are brave enough to do whatever they like. Who knows more than the leaders of the Islamists that the words of the holy book are not really holy. All they want is the crown. They use holy books to build a ladder to reach the crown.

Islam is a handicapped religion. Can’t survive without supports.

Half a million Hefazat-e-Islam supporters gathered in the city yesterday, where they set fire to shops and vehicles.

The supporters of Hefazat-e-Islam or the protectors of Islam want to hang atheists. The government already arrested them for their crime of being atheists. But Hefazats are not happy. They want to kill them. Their main agenda is to kill atheists. They have other agendas to make Bangladesh a stupid land of a stupid religion.

13-point demand of Hefazat-e-Islam:

1. Reinstatement of ‘Absolute trust and faith in Allah’ in the constitution of Bangladesh and abolishment of all laws which are in conflict with the values of the Quran and Sunnah

2. Enactment of (anti-defamation) law at the parliament keeping death penalty as the highest form of punishment to prevent defamation of Allah, Muhammad (S.A.W) and Islam, and prevent spreading hate against Muslims (highest penalty prevalent for defamation is 10 years).

3. Immediate end to the negative propaganda by all atheist bloggers in a leading role in the so called Shahbag movement who have defamed Allah, Mohammad (S.A.W), and Islam and their exemplary punishment.

4. End to all alien cultural practices like immodesty, lewdness, misconduct, culture of free mixing of the sexes, candle lighting in the name of personal freedom and free speech.

5. Abolishment of the anti-Islamic inheritance law and the ungodly education policy. Making Islamic education compulsory in all levels from primary to higher secondary.

6. Declaration of Ahmadis as non-Muslims by the government and put a stop to their negative and conspirational activities.

7. Stop instating more statues in the name of sculpture at road intersections and educational institutions to save Dhaka the city of mosques, from becoming the city of statues.

8. Remove all the hassles and obstructions at Baitul Mokarram and all mosques in Bangladesh which prevent Musallis from offering prayer. Also stop creating obstruction for people to attend religious sermons and other religious gatherings.

9. Stop the spread of Islamophobia among the youth through depiction of negative characters on TV plays & movies in religious attire and painting negative stereotypes of the beard, cap and Islamic practices on various media.

10. Stop anti-Islamic activities at Chittagong propagated by several NGO’s and Christian missionaries under guise of religious conversion.

11. End to the massacre, indiscriminate firing and attacks on the prophet loving Muslim scholars, madrassah students and the general public.

12. End to all threats against Islamic scholars, madrassah students and Imams and Muslim clerics of mosques throughout the country.

13 Immediate and unconditional release of all detained Islamic scholars, madrassah students and members of the general public and withdrawal of all false cases filed against them. Compensation to families of all injured and deceased and exemplary punishment to all those responsible.

Allah is unable to protect himself and his religion. So, the government and some NGOs are working to protect Allah as well as Islam. The second largest political party in Bangladesh supports Islam and Islamists. The third largest political party also supports them. The government of Bangladesh has already taken action against whoever criticizes Islam. It looks like most people in Bangladesh try to protect Islam. Islam turns into a handicapped religion which can not survive without supports.

Dear Bill Maher

Dear Bill Maher,
I like you for telling the truth. Not many celebrities are as intelligent and courageous as you. But I think, to get more truth, you should visit India and paint Hindu Goddesses naked like M F Hussain. You would most likely be killed by Hindu fanatics, or you would be imprisoned because of laws against blasphemy. Many cases would be filed against you by Hindus for hurting their religious feelings. It is a punishable crime to hurt people’s religious feelings in the Indian subcontinent and many other countries in the world. And if you speak against Christianity, catholic bishops will put your life in danger. You have to run away to save your life like Sanal Edamaruku. In Europe, ninety-nine individuals were convicted last year by the Maltese Courts for public blasphemy, and 119 were convicted previous year. You know three members of Pussy Riot, Russian Music group were sentenced to two years in prison for staging a performance at the Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior. If it were not a church or a cathedral, Pussy Riot members would not be in prison. Dear Bill Maher, why don’t you try to do abortion in some of the states of your country, and see what happens. You know how Christian fundamentalists kill doctors in the name of Christianity. Why don’t you go to Italy just to see how impossible it is to get an abortion?

It is true that Islam is the most rigid, and non-reformed religion in the world and young Muslims get brainwashed to stop their thinking minds and become terrorists. But it is not true that other religions were bad only in the Middle Ages and now they are all good and safe. If Christian/Hindu/Jewish etc. fundamentalists get the opportunities to be terrorists, like Muslim fundamentalists get, they will become as intolerant and dangerous as Muslim terrorists. All religions have the potentials to make terrorists at any time. Even Buddhism, a so called peaceful religion can make terrorists. I hope you know how Buddhists in Myanmar killed and displaced thousands of poor Muslims. No one should forget about anti-Muslim pogrom of Gujarat in 2002. 2000 innocent Muslims were killed by Hindu extremists.

Islam has been used politically more than other religions. If there were no enlightenment era in Europe, most European Christians would have allowed the churches to continue their barbaric inquisition or their crusades against infidels today. Islam has not been given much opportunities to get critical scrutiny like other religions have been given. Muslims have been prevented from going through the enlightenment process other religious communities have been gone through. If the right of ex-Muslim atheists to freedom of expression were not violated, many Muslims would become atheists the way many Christians and Jews became atheists in the West. The problem is, not only foolish Muslim leaders , many clever non-Muslim leaders also want Islam to stay stagnant in the darkness.

You are a visionary man. I am requesting you to broaden your vision a bit.


Islamic ideology destroys young people’s brains

Muslims have been praying that the perpetrator of Boston Marathon Bombings is not Muslim. But we know that nothing fails like prayers. Yesterday when it was all over reddit and twitter that the suspects were Mike Mulugeta and Sunil Tripathi, Muslims were so happy! They were happy because the names of the suspects were not Muslim names.

But we now know that it was Muslims who terrorized America again. They were influenced by Islam and the Islamists. Someone told me today, ‘at least Tsarnaev brothers were not brown’. Yes, the terrorists are pure Caucasian this time. Ignorant white racists would not hate all the brown people in the world and they might not kill turbaned Sikhs like they did after 9/11.

All religions have the potentials to make terrorists. But non-reformed Islam is the number one culprit among all. You can not say illiteracy and poverty are the roots of religious terrorism, we already witnessed how highly qualified doctors, engineers, academics terrorized the world as suicide bombers.

The world will continue to be terrorized as long as religion is treated as the guiding force of society. And one day I am afraid the world will be burned to ashes if the long arms of religionists reach the buttons of the nukes we created.

The noise of Islam!

Are you a Swede?
The first thing you should do is to listen to azan , the Islamic call to prayer.
You may want to get the translation of azan. Here it is:
Allahu Akbar.Allahu Akbar.Allahu Akbar.Allahu Akbar(Allah is Great).
Ashhadu an la ilaha illa Allah.Ashhadu an la ilaha illa Allah (I bear witness that there is no god except Allah.)
Ashadu anna Muhammadan Rasool Allah.Ashadu anna Muhammadan Rasool Allah (I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah).
Hayya ‘ala-s-Salah.Hayya ‘ala-s-Salah (Hurry to the prayer).
Hayya ‘ala-l-Falah. Hayya ‘ala-l-Falah (Hurry to success).
Allahu Akbar.Allahu Akbar (Alllah is great).
La ilaha illa Allah (There is no god except Allah).
As-salatu Khayrun Minan-nawm.As-salatu Khayrun Minan-nawm (Prayer is better than sleep).

Then you should read the news.

A mosque in suburban Stockholm could become the first in Sweden to sound prayer calls from its minaret after getting permission from police.
A Turkish Islamic association in the suburb of Fittja wants to use loudspeakers to sound the Islamic call to prayer at midday on Fridays.
Stockholm police on Thursday approved the group’s application, but said it must inform residents living within a 1-kilometer (0.6-mile) radius of the mosque before it starts to use the loudspeakers. The decision can be appealed by local residents.
Though there are mosques in all major cities in Sweden, the one in Fittja, where many residents are immigrants from Muslim countries, was the first to request permission for prayer calls.

Then you should think how you would feel to listen to azan at every midday on Fridays! You should know that if you allow to do it on Fridays, they will continue asking you to allow it on other days. And you have to allow it on other days because you have allowed it on Fridays. Then they will continue asking you to allow it for 5 times a day. And you have to allow it 5 times a day because you have allowed it once a day. Then you should sit down and think how you would feel to wake up early in the morning everyday when you badly need some sleep. Then you should think about listening this prayer call 5 times a day. Then you should learn that more mosques will be built in your town. More azan you will hear every day. You should know that other towns in your country will get more and more mosques too. And Your neighbor countries are also having the same noise of Islam. And one day you will find that you have no voice. No one can hear your voice, not even you, because the noise of Islam is louder than your voice.

It is alarming!

Why do Muslims need to listen to azan to get ready for prayers? The world is not a desert, it is not a barbaric, illiterate, uncivilized world. It is a modern world. It is 21st century, not 500 or 600 something AD. It is not like nobody knows what time it is. Muslims have watches, mobile phones, alarm clocks; they go to their meetings and demonstrations in time. They go to work in time. They do not need any loud call to work that says, ‘It is time for your work. Hurry to work. Work is better than sleep’.

Muslims! You will not spare Europe! But keep in mind your neighbors do not need to hear about your personal belief 5 times a day. Do they? It costs nothing to be a bit rational. Why don’t you try?

Egyptian Muslims gangraped two Christian women while shouting Allahu Akbar, Allah is the greatest!

They’re shouting “Nasara! Nasara! Nasara!” (Christians! Christians! Christians!) while they attack two Christian women. They keep shouting “Allahu akbar” (Allah is the greatest) and La ilaha illallah (There is no god but Allah.)while they are gangraping them.

They are committing crimes against humanity to appease their God!

Muslim women are not allowed to fart

Muslim women are not allowed to fart in Indonesia.


An Islamic city council in the Indonesian province of Aceh, which follows Sharia, has banned female citizens from passing gas.

Sayyid Yahia, mayor of the city, told media that a ban was needed, as farting does not go well with the Islamic values of modesty. “Muslim women are not allowed to fart with sound, it’s against Islamic teachings,” he said. Meanwhile, the Indonesian Feminists Association told local media they will attempt to block the smelly law as they deem it discriminatory.

Mayor Sayyid Yahia said the law aims to save people’s morals and behaviors. “When you see woman fart loud, she appears like a man. But if she sit sideways and pass it quietly, she looks like a woman,” Sayyid said.

Although the proposed law does not ban “quiet fart,” passing gas with sound is actually not uncommon in Southeast Asia, particularly for women consuming potatoes and peas. Obviously, women maintain that they feel healthier, farting loud. Fathima Khan, a medical doctor at the Al Banni Islamic Hospital in Aceh’s capital is critical of the proposed law: “There is no need to question this practice, let alone regulate it, because people do it for their health and safety,” she said.

The mayor declined to give The Wadiyan details of what the punishment would be for violators. While another member at the City council, who wished not to be named, said if convicted by the sharia court, the offender could receive 20 lashes for small farts and up to 3 months prison time for larger ones.

I got this news today and I thought it was true. It did not come to mind that it could be a satire or a joke. To tell the truth, religion and it’s anti-women laws are nothing but a bunch of cheap jokes. Women’s burqa is a joke. Banning on female passengers to straddle motorbikes behind male drivers is a joke. Banning women from wearing trousers, whipping women for wearing trousers, banning women from driving, asking female workers to “breastfeed” their male co-workers in order to work together, tracking women’s cross-border movements etc. —all are dirty fucking jokes! These jokes are now realities for women. So when a real joke pop-ups, not everyone can realize it is a joke. I took fart joke seriously. If religion can enter women’s vaginas, it can enter their assholes too. It is so unbelievable that the fart joke is just a joke!

Bangladesh has potential to be worse than Pakistan.

We were so happy to have witnessed the wonderful secular movement at Shahbagh in February, 2013.
How many of us knew that Islamists could make 100 times or 1000 times bigger crowds than secular crowds?
We should have no doubt that Bangladesh is a purely Islamic country and it is going to be a purely Islamic fundaentalist country.
The country is full of Islamists. The biggest Islamist is the government, no matter who it is, Ziaur or Hasina or Khaleda or Ershad or Army!

They all help monsters to be born and monsters to grow. Now we witness the monsters occupying Bangladesh, once a secular country.
Bangladesh can be worse than Pakistan. The world keeps an eye on Pakistan. US drone attacks are there. The country has often been ruled by educated secular people. But Bangladesh remains in the dark backyard. Not so many countries are interested in Bangladesh, one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world. The rulers are uneducated idiots, Islamist morons and the patronizers of Islamic fanatics. Slowly it is becoming the worst Islamist country in the world. Wait and watch.

Look at them. Several hundred thousand people gathered to hang people who criticized Islam. It happened yesterday.




APTOPIX Bangladesh Blasphemy Rally.JPEG-0b4aa


Bangladesh Blasphemy Rally.JPEG-0aec3

Bangladesh Blasphemy Rally.JPEG-0e0e8

Atheists are arrested.

Atheists get arrested in Bangladesh, a so called liberal Muslim country.

Bangladesh police have arrested three atheist bloggers for allegedly defaming Islam and the Prophet Mohammed, police said Tuesday, amid calls from religious fundamentalists for an Internet crackdown.

The arrest of the three, who were paraded in handcuffs at a news conference, followed pressure from Islamists who have organised a march from all over the country to the capital to demand the death penalty for atheist bloggers.

“They have hurt the religious feelings of the people by writing against different religions and their prophets and founders including the Prophet Mohammed,” said deputy commissioner of Dhaka police, Molla Nazrul Islam.

The three could face 10 years in jail if convicted under the country’s cyber laws which outlaw “defaming” a religion, Islam said.

He denied the arrests were linked to the planned march to Dhaka set for Saturday.

Home Minister Muhiuddin Khan said the three arrested men were among 84 “atheist bloggers” named in a list handed over by an Islamist group to a government panel probing alleged blasphemy against Islam on the Internet.

“The arrests were made on primary information” and further investigation is underway, Khan said, adding the government would act toughly to prevent any attempt to upset “communal harmony” via the Internet.

There has been vociferous debate between staunch atheists and fundamentalists in Bangladesh’s blogosphere and on social media for years, but it took a deadly turn in February when an atheist blogger was murdered.

The arrests came as Bangladesh has been hit by violent protests over a war crimes tribunal which is trying leading Islamists who opposed the country’s independence from Pakistan during the 1971 liberation war.

Islamists are stabbing and killing atheists. The government, instead of protecting atheists, harassing, threatening and arresting atheists. Atheists are treated as criminals in Bangladesh. It is a crime not to have a faith in Allah and Muhammad. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is protecting Allah and Muhammad from atheists. It means she believes that she is more powerful than Allah and Muhammad and Allah and Muhammad are too weak and vulnerable and unable to protect themselves. So it is her duty to protect them. What a blasphemy!