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Dec 20 2012

Grow up guys for the sake of humanity!


The world knows that a woman has been raped in a Delhi-bus in India. The world doesn’t know that women have been raped in India every 20 minutes.

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Dec 20 2012

Losing hopes!

These stories have made me feel sad today. 1. US School Shooting ‘Sparks Rise In Gun Sales.’ 2. Sixth-grader in Utah brings gun to school to avoid Connecticut-style attack.

Dec 19 2012

”Polio vaccine is poison” – Islamists.

We got this news from Pakistan: Pakistan Gunmen shot dead five women working on U.N.-backed polio vaccination efforts in two different Pakistani cities on Tuesday, officials said, a major setback for a campaign that international health officials consider vital to contain the crippling disease but which Taliban insurgents say is a cover for espionage. The …

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Dec 18 2012

The ‘world ending’ business!


Bugarach, south-west region of France

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Dec 18 2012

Mental block over gun control

The three speeches of three presidents. They said more or less the same things after three different school shootings. Alas, no one banned the sale of guns! After the tragic incident in Connecticut when the whole country is in mourning, Gun Control is still not a Top Priority for the American government. I kind of …

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Dec 17 2012

Gun ads in America. Shocking.


ABC news: There are more than 129,817 federally licensed firearms dealers in the United States. Of those, 51,438 are retail gun stores, 7,356 are pawn shops and 61,562 are collectors, with the balance of the licenses belonging mostly to manufacturers and importers of firearms and destructive devices. In 2010 there were 5,459,240 new firearms manufactured …

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Dec 16 2012

‘Guns are bad, I tell you.’


Adam Lanza was intelligent, shy, nerdy, genius, goth, quiet, remote, socially awkward. He probably suffered from Asperger syndrome and some psychiatric disorders! If the US had strict gun control laws, Adam wouldn’t have been able to get his hands on guns so easily. And if the US had universal health care system, Adam wouldn’t have …

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Dec 15 2012

Let the children live


“Guns don’t kill people. People with guns kill people.” School shooting is not new in America. It started since 1764. It is still continuing. A gun man killed 20 children this morning. Lone men, mad men, crazy, insane are everywhere but they can not get guns as easily in the other countries as in the …

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Dec 14 2012

A new species of primate discovered, but we will make them extinct.


A new big-eyed teddy-bear-faced venomous slow loris species is discovered in the island of Borneo.

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Dec 13 2012

Muslims eat halal food.They now want ‘halal homes’.

BBC news: About 180 apartments in Amsterdam have been given special makeovers which suit the wishes of Muslim residents. Features include individual taps that can be used for ritual cleansing before prayers and sliding doors to keep men and women apart. A Muslim resident says, “I wanted a closed kitchen, in order to be able …

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