”Polio vaccine is poison” – Islamists.

We got this news from Pakistan:

Pakistan Gunmen shot dead five women working on U.N.-backed polio vaccination efforts in two different Pakistani cities on Tuesday, officials said, a major setback for a campaign that international health officials consider vital to contain the crippling disease but which Taliban insurgents say is a cover for espionage.

The women who were killed Tuesday — three of whom were teenagers — were all shot in the head at close range. Four of them were gunned down in the southern port city of Karachi, and the fifth in a village outside the northwest city of Peshawar. Two men who were working alongside the women were also critically wounded in Karachi.

The polio campaign in Pakistan has been shaken by Islamists’ threats. Let’s recall what happened in June this year.

An Islamist in Muzaffargarh declared the polio campaign ‘un-Islamic’ and announced at the local mosque that Jihad should be carried out against the visiting polio vaccination team.the local polio team entered Muzaffargarh’s rural Khan Pur Bagga Sher area and asked local families to cooperate with the campaign.

When the local cleric, Maulvi Ibrahim Chisti found out about the campaign, he immediately went to the biggest mosque in the area and declared that polio drops are ‘poison’ and against Islam. He added that if the polio team forced anybody to partake in the vaccination campaign, then Jihad was ‘the only option’…It’s a Western conspiracy to render Muslims impotent!

What do Islamists want?

Islamists want boys to be physically crippled by polio and mentally crippled by Islam.

Like other religions, Islam is against science. Science and religion are 100 percent contradictory. Some cunning religionists claim that god created science so that they use all the technology products and scientific medicine without being questioned. But some dumbhonest (dumb but honest) religionists are reluctant to use anything scientific. Pakistani dumbhonest Islamists are so much against polio vaccine that they do not hesitate to kill polio workers. These Islamists believe prayers, not vaccines, are needed to get rid of polio.

Islamists are trying their best to make the world crippled. Should we continue to keep our mouth shut? We shouldn’t.


  1. frankniddy says

    Absolutely abominable! I wish there was a hell for these Islamists to go to. Not that this begins to excuse them, but the CIA did do a fake vaccine programme in that area to try and find Bin Laden. That may be part of what precipitated this.

  2. sc_770d159609e0f8deaa72849e3731a29d says

    Could we get the various biological warfare laboratories in the world to produce an illness that only affects bigots? We could see how they respond to offers of vaccine…

  3. Ichthyic says

    there is more to this than religion.

    a massive influx of afghanis into areas dominated by pashtun is also affecting local regional politics, and this strike against polio vaccinators has really nothing to do with Islam itself, and everything to do with incoming afghani factions trying to make a place for themselves in the pashtun areas. They recall the US CIAs attempt to use a fake vaccination plan to try and capture some DNA from Bin Laden, and recall how much the paki govt really, REALLY disliked not being let in on that, and are now trying to capitalize on that.

    I really can’t see how this has much to do with Islam itself, since moderate forces in the North have been trying to stop the influence of these insurgents for years now.


  4. unknown is better says

    1. It is a known fact now that Bill Gates sponsored Polio program is extremely controversial and is alleged to have serious side affects where children from the poorest countries are being used as lab guinea pigs for testing the side effects.

    2. CIA has been using the Polio campaign to launch their own espionage and spying network in the country. The OBL raid and subsequent arrest of Dr. Afridi has confirmed this fact that this WHO program is seriously managed by CIA to gain door to door access in Pakistan.

    3. No one in the Health Ministry or the WHO has ever bothered to explain why multiple campaign of Polio drops are being conducted giving multiple doses to the same children???? what would be the side affects of such multiple doses? what is the actual duration of the course if any?

    4. This is a known fact that Henry Kissinger had launched a “Food genocide” plan in 1974, under which population of many countries was to be drastically reduced. Pakistan was one of the countries. How can we be sure that this present campaign against Polio is not part of biological war program against Pakistan?

    5. Has any Lab in Pakistan tested the Polio vaccine???/ Any reports for public scrutiny???

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