Fish called Obama

Etheostoma obama

A new species of colourful fresh water fish has been named after President Barack Obama by the researchers who discovered it.

Obama is lucky. Got Nobel peace prize. Won a second term. A whole species is named after him. He should do some work now to make him worthy for all those honours that he already received.


  1. Rodney Nelson says

    He should do some work now to make him worthy for all those honours that he already received.

    I’m not holding my breath waiting for this.

  2. philippeorlando says

    Absolutely, Obama is very lucky.
    I never worried about him at anytime.

    Obama gets elected he gets 4 more years a 400k/year.
    Obama doesn’t get elected he gets 200k/year for the rest of his life as Federal retirement.
    I bet he could have pulled out another book deal?

    Now, the ones who won’t be that lucky oh let’s say by the end of January will be anybody making less than 250K/year.
    Watch Obama and the Dems NOT fighting to save your Social Security and your Medicare. These two programs will still exist, but as principles. Since most Americans don’t save enough and will have health problems as they get older, watch this population sinking below poverty level as they pass the 65-70 year mark.

    If he doesn’t get cancer from his smoking, Obama will be fine.

  3. F [disappearing] says

    E. obama was named after Barack Obama, for his work “…particularly in the areas of clean energy and environmental protection, and because he is one of our first leaders to approach conservation and environmental protection from a more global vision,” according to one of the scientists, Steve Layman, who named the new species.

    About half the time, anyway.

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