Songs for spring

I first heard the song Everybody’s Talkin’ by Harry Nilsson when it was part of the soundtrack to the film Midnight Cowboy and it immediately struck a chord with me, both the words and music. I came across this performance by Nilsson on the web and thought I would share it with those of you who may have never heard it. Like George Harrison’s Here Comes the Sun when he was part of The Beatles, it is a song that I think of when we are emerging from the cold of winter.
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The Israel-Palestinian issue in rap

The so-called Middle East ‘Peace Process’, which needs to be relabeled to the more accurate ‘Delay and Deny Palestinian Rights Process’, has been called off for the umpteenth time since the Israeli government objects to the fact that the Palestinian Authority, that governs the Occupied Territories in the West Bank, has applied for recognition from various international agencies and has also arrived at a unity agreement with Hamas that governs Gaza.
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ABBA’s secret revealed

The Swedish pop group ABBA that had phenomenal success a few decades ago were noted for two things: (1) trite, formulaic, and often meaningless lyrics set to catchy and bouncy tunes and (2) outlandish costumes that they wore during their performances. Below is a performance that showcases both.
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The Shadows perform again

The Shadows were a British instrumental group, the equivalent of The Ventures in the US. Both groups pioneered the three guitar (lead, rhythm, bass) plus drummer format, though the former had less of the driving, pulsing, beat that characterized the latter.
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I coulda been a Pip. No, not really

While writing my post reviewing the film 20 Feet From Stardom about the anonymous backup singers to the famous singers, I recalled that I used to think that for someone with limited musical ability like myself but yet thought that it would be fun to perform, the role of backup singer seemed ideal. It seemed like all it required was the ability to sway and clap while occasionally singing something. A cushy gig, it looked like. [Read more...]