Neil Diamond briefly performs again

His songs formed much of the soundtrack of my youth. He retired from performing five years ago after receiving a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. But he made a brief reappearance and sang the song that has become a staple at every single wedding reception that I have attended, with the guests enthusiastically joining in with “So good! So good! So good!”, just like the audience here. He started out a little shaky but seemed to gain energy from the warm reception he received and ended strong.

My favorite song by him is not quite as well known. It is Brooklyn Roads from 1968. It is autobiographical, as he says, “I had just signed with MCA Records and wanted to stretch my creative wings. This is the most literal and personal story I had written up to that point. ‘Brooklyn Roads’ told of my youth and my aspirations. I loved the freedom of being able to write something without the charts in mind.”

It is a beautiful song, that will strike a chord with anyone who recalls memories of their childhood.


  1. Rob Grigjanis says

    The England football teams have adopted “Sweet Caroline” as their victory song. Here are the Lionesses celebrating their Euro 2022 win with their supporters;

  2. dean56 says

    I was never a huge fan of his, but I do like Dr. Love’s Traveling Salvation Show.

    On other hand, if anyone starts a cover band called “Neil Cubic Zirconia” I’d be all over it.

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