An atheist church?

A group of comedians in the UK have launched what they claim is the first atheist church (though Unitarians might quarrel with the claim).

Stand-up comedians Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans will bring together a godless congregation in the Nave in St Paul’s Road, Canonbury for services – with wedding ceremonies and funerals for non-believers even on the cards.

He continued: “It’s part atheist church and part foot-stomping show. There will be a speaker on a theme each month but there will also be an awesome house band, which Pippa will lead.

Not everyone is on board with this idea.

But the Rev Saviour Grech, Catholic parish priest of Saint Peter and Saint Paul Church in Amwell Street, Finsbury, said: “How can you be an atheist and worship in a church? Surely it’s a contradiction of terms. Who will they be singing to?

“It is important to debate and engage with atheists but for them to establish a church like any other religious denomination is going too far. I’m cautious about it.”

I have mixed feelings about this. I personally do not see myself attending such a ‘church’ if one should start in my neighborhood but that may be because I am rather asocial and not one who seeks company. But I can understand that some nonbelievers feel the need to create a community of like-minded people the way that religious churches fill a need for believers.