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Jul 02 2012

Well, someone likes us, anyway

We got a fan letter. At last, I can stop crying, put down the ice cream, and Ecuador is saved!

Jun 30 2012

Our terrible secret exposed!


I am dismayed. Freethoughtblogs has been accused of being a den of Feminazis, Femistasi, totalitarian thought, and being equivalent to a totalitarian state, by no less a person than Paula Kirby. This is terrible news! We aren’t ready! The interrogation rooms haven’t even been furnished, all the razorwire is sitting in spools and hasn’t been …

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Jun 29 2012

Change of focus

I have just completed an informal survey of the community by scanning through the New York Times, the Washington Times, the LA Times, High Times, Fortean Times, and World Net Daily, and have come to the realization that this blog does not conform to the wider interests of the world around us. Most people in …

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