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Dec 07 2013

Trademark infringement!


The National Reconnaisance Office has launched a new spy satellite with a logo that is rightfully mine. Or at least, I ought to steal it. I’d really expect our security agencies to exhibit a little more subtlety than your stock comic-book supervillain.

Dec 01 2013

Amazon’s next attempt at world domination

They’re going to be doing deliveries by drone. I don’t think I’ll live close enough to a distribution center for these to come buzzing by my house, so I’m not going to worry about them yet. I’m am remembering that in my younger days I was a deadly shot with a slingshot…I may have to …

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Nov 23 2013

If I were a bird…

Or, if I had a quadcopter and camera, at least.

Nov 03 2013

You kids and your crazy modern music videos

I tried dancing to this but somehow I kept falling off the roof.

Nov 03 2013

Let’s simplify time zones!


I like this idea: end the fall and spring clock jiggering, consolidate time zones, and just have two fixed time zones in the continental US. It would seem to be more efficient to do away with the practice altogether. The actual energy savings are minimal, if they exist at all. Frequent and uncoordinated time changes …

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Nov 02 2013

I’d dismissed the problems with Obamacare enrollment…until now

Oregon health exchange requires Microsoft Internet Explorer!

I know it seems to be the comedy routine du jour to mock the software glitches plaguing the new health care program rollout. I hadn’t worried about it: I’d heard nothing but encouraging words about the program itself, and putting together a huge web service for the entire country is a gigantic undertaking, and I …

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Oct 27 2013

What I’d be telling my kids nowadays

I’m one of those people who is hopelessly addicted to babbling on the internet, and even I don’t understand this statistic. the leading cause of death for teenage drivers is now texting, not drinking, with nearly a dozen teens dying each day in a texting-related car crash. You cannot type and drive, or read and drive, …

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Sep 24 2013

So…all I need is two industrial robots and two 6 foot wide high resolution displays?

Sep 12 2013

Herpetologists in mourning everywhere


Poor frog.

Aug 24 2013

A quick microscopy lesson


Since people were asking, this is my low-end videomicroscopy setup — the one I’m comfortable putting in a box and hauling out to the wilderness of a biological research station. “Low end” means, unfortunately, a few thousand dollars, but there are ways to shave that down a bit. Don’t cut too many corners on the …

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