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Jul 18 2014

Friday Cephalopod: You don’t need knees to be mobile

I’m suddenly seeing more to admire in the beautiful octopus.

Jul 11 2014

Friday Cephalopod: Adorkable little guys


Cephalopods are the cutest creatures on the planet. How can you deny it?

Jul 04 2014

Friday Cephalopod: Do not taunt Happy Fun Cephalopod

Jun 27 2014

Friday Cephalopod: Everything you wanted to know about Vampyroteuthis

It’s been cephalopod week, and on Science Friday, they featured our old friend, the vampire squid.

Jun 20 2014

Friday Cephalopod: The most intimidating line in 3-D football


What? You only play in two dimensions? You’re doomed, pathetic human.

Jun 13 2014

Friday Cephalopod: Octopus got the moves

I was watching this, and thinking, “Man, octopus can dance.” If I could have moved like that, I might not have sullenly sat out the disco era.

Jun 06 2014

Friday Cephalopod: Love at first sight

The Vancouver Aquarium brought two octopuses together, and they didn’t delay at all — within minutes, it was…boom chicka wow wow. Totally not safe for work. Not the video, but if you watch this, you might well end up gnawing on your fist and moaning and whimpering right where you are.

Jun 03 2014

The usual London traffic problems


Happens all the time when you’re hauling your giant octopus around, and the truck breaks down.

May 30 2014

Friday Cephalopod: Alien geometries

Rosario Scariati

May 23 2014

Friday Cephalopod: the business end of Vampyroteuthis


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