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Feb 16 2014

That’s some pep talk


Today’s Doonesbury has a couple of characters reminiscing about being in the Iraq war in 2004…and they quote George W. Bush. Is that real? I’ve been working hard to erase the Bush years from my memory, but did we really have a president that simple-minded in office just 5 years ago? Yes, we did. “Kick …

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Feb 12 2014

How I plan to celebrate today


Jan 25 2014

Plumbing philosophy


A commenter left a link to this comic here; now we know what happens when you combine plumbing and philosophy. Good timing, too. On my to-do list for today is to pop off the trap for the bathroom sink — we think the satanic cat who is lurking in our house knocked something into it, …

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Jan 09 2014

Jesus started the zombie apocalypse…and ended it

Don’t watch this video if you can’t laugh at grossly over-the-top comic horror with buckets of fake blood — do watch it if you want to learn the true story of Jesus.

Jan 09 2014

There’s another obvious similarity that need not be mentioned


Is it too soon to keep making jokes about the Ark?

Dec 28 2013

Maybe this will finally drive the libertarians out of atheism

There’s no profit in atheism!

Dec 25 2013

The Christmas Story

October Jones

As long as we’re dealing in fantasy, we might as well improve on it.

Dec 24 2013

Do your children know who’s coming down the chimney tonight?


Be sure to show them this picture!

Dec 13 2013

Manly courage

Let me tell you about the first time I asked my future wife out on a date. I was 17. I was terrified. It took me about 3 weeks to screw up my courage, and every day would begin with this absolute, sinking certainty that there was no way she would ever say yes. Then, …

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Dec 05 2013

The simplest holiday shopping guide ever


This greatly simplifies gift giving. I wish I’d seen it last week — I’m going to have to return a few items now.

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