Monthly Archive: March 2010

Mar 08 2010

American Atheists Challenges I.Q. Study

http://www.opposingviews.com/i/atheist-group-questions-study-linking-atheists-to-higher-intelligence Atheist Group Questions Study Linking Atheists to Higher Intelligence Opinion by American Atheists (12 Hours Ago) in Religion A study claiming that liberals and Atheists are “more intelligent” than religious believers is causing a buzz in the news media and academic circles. Authored by Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics, the study …

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Mar 07 2010

Ed Buckner, President of American Atheists. Debates at Mega Church Near Cincinnati, Ohio

AMERICAN ATHEISTS http://www.atheists.org BUCKNER, PROVINE JOIN FORCES FOR DEBATE SUMMIT 2010 The Debate Summit series exists as a forum designed to explain, test and defend various aspects of the Christian world view by interacting with qualified representatives of non-Christian worldviews in moderated public debates. The goal is to create and maintain an atmosphere of civility, …

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Mar 03 2010

Announcing the Greatest Event in Publishing Since the Rosetta Stone

Baubles of Blasphemy, Second Edition, edited by Frank Zindler, American Atheist Press, 2010, www.atheists.org. The books arrived from the printers a few weeks ago, while my Helen was in the I.C.U. I gave her a signed copy, together with a private writing therein thanking her and saying that without her the work would not exist. …

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