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Aug 19 2013

Unintended Consequences; or, Get Off Of My Lawn!

My parents worked through poverty, Through hardship and through strife, In part so we, their children, had A better chance at life And we, their sons and daughters, With our parents’ words well heeded Have worked so that our children, too Have better lives than we did. To make the world a better place Each …

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Aug 07 2013

Point B

Congratulations! I’m glad to see You’ve struggled your way from point A to point B (If you happened to get there via X, Q, or G, And stumbled, or fell, or perhaps skinned your knee, The point is, you made it, I hope you agree.) You’ll have your detractors. Don’t listen to those Who would …

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Aug 03 2013

Those Poor, Needy Christian Millennials!

Rachel Held Evans has another opinion piece up–why millennials need the church– at CNN, and it’s worse than the last one. Apparently, there are at least seven things millennials (at one point she does limit it to what “Christian millennials” need, but not consistently) need: Baptism, Confession, Healing, Leadership, Communion, Confirmation, and Union with Christ. …

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Jul 20 2013

Oh, Nothing, Really….

When philosophers talk about “nothing” Why, their nothing has nothing at all No time, and no space, and no matter, Not even the quantumly small When philosophers talk about “nothing” It’s a special and magical word But it isn’t the “nothing” that physicists see, Cos the thing is, it must be inferred Now, this doesn’t …

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Jul 17 2013

Too Good To Be True

This is Bob, from Widget Industries—I work in personnel— I’m just checking up on references for one Ignatius Shell, Who assures us, as his manager, you really knew him well So I’m hoping you can help us out a bit. Yes, I’m looking at his resume, and he looks like quite a catch Since it …

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Jul 15 2013

The Wedding Of John And Jim

This is the story of John and Jim; Jim loves John, and John loves him; Twenty years, six months, and eleven days Already married in many ways, They finally got to say their vows With every right the law allows Just watch the story—don’t ask why… And I fucking dare you not to cry. I …

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Jul 12 2013

Replacing Prayer

What should I do, when I used to be praying, When now I no longer believe? No longer a god who can hear what I’m saying, No heaven that I can perceive. There’s really no need; there’s no formal injunction, You simply don’t pray any more But should you desire, just examine the function Of …

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Jun 20 2013

By Human Intelligence I Mean…

I haven’t yet written a symphony And my poetry? Crude, simple verse. My theorems, my physical theories And technologies, frankly, are worse I question the meaning(s) of living, And I question the Meaning Of Life… Do my shortcomings say I’m not human? That’s the viewpoint of some (take my wife*). (*Please**.) (**I can quote Henny …

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Jun 19 2013

Does Life Have A Purpose?

What does it mean to be alive? What is life’s purpose, if any? Material stuff that wants, that strives, To turn its one self into many What does it mean to have an urge? What does it mean to struggle? Must we ensure that our gametes merge, Or is it ok just to snuggle? What …

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Jun 10 2013

Bottom-Up Vs Top-Down Morality

The pope is opposed, as of course are the bishops; The church says they’re living in sin. But the priest gave his blessing; their parents approve, And St Christopher calls it a win. The position, long held by the Catholic Church Is incredibly bitter to swallow— But as Gandhi has said, when the people do …

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