Monthly Archive: February 2010

Feb 04 2010

Homeopathic Science!

It’s a wholly different system–There are data, but you missed ‘em,In the infinite dilution of our minds!Modern medicine is bleakerCos our evidence is weaker,Which is stronger, as our different system finds! All those articles and studiesThat you put out with your buddies,Which you think will make your evidence more strong?It is our determinationThrough our less-is-more …

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Feb 03 2010

A Scientific Valentine

I write today of human loveNot as some gift from god above,But scientific views thereofFrom many different fields.Each science may have different tools,And so the scientific schools,Although they may agree on rules,Have very different yields. The chemists say it’s chemistry;Biologists, biology;Astronomers say “Can’t you see?It’s written in the stars!”In physics there’s a certain viewPsychology can …

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Feb 02 2010

Nothing To Talk About?

My faithful friends were wondering,And I was wondering, too,When atheists get together—Just what all do they do?They have no common purpose,And so I find it odd,To think they join togetherAnd talk about “no god”. My faithful friends were arguing,I made my case as well,Which people went to HeavenAnd which ones went to Hell.Which version of …

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