Monthly Archive: August 2009

Aug 30 2009

Atheists Over-Consuming, Says Man On Gold Throne

Some priests take vows: stability,Obedience, and chastity,Some take a vow of poverty,And then, there is The Pope.Some give up almost every thingThat modern life can surely bringBut look upon that Papal RingWith lust, or greed, or hope. They gladly take authority,Relieving folks like you or meFrom any need to think, you see,Then listen to our …

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Aug 28 2009

Selection Favors The Prepared Cephalopod

So I had read the news release, and thought “Ah! Finally, a chance to beat Myers to a post about cephalopods!” Silly me. You don’t tug on Superman’s cape; you don’t spit into the wind; you don’t pull the mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger, and you never try to beat PZ Myers to a …

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Aug 27 2009

Science Is A Cephalopod

Hey, my first chance to show off some of the new artwork (for the upcoming revised, updated and improved book)! Mike McRae, the artist behind my banner art (thanks, Podblack, for suggesting him!), has drawn a few illustrations for the chapters. He asked me what I had in mind for each, listened carefully to my …

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Aug 24 2009

The Digital Pack-Rat, Vol. 19

It has been an eventful month, so I am rather surprised to have so much to post here. First, a comment on the “millions of years” wrecking ball at the creation sci… *snorfle*… science muse *hee hee* museum: Six thousand years since Adam’s “birth”–The bible tells us so.A few more days, the age of Earth;P.Z., …

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Aug 23 2009

Holy Insulation, Governor!

Wait. I thought it was Pat Robertson’s prayers that kept Florida safe from hurricanes. According to PZ, though, it is really the work of the Governor. Well, it’s his job, I guess. Which he does by sending prayer scrolls to Israel to have them stuffed into the cracks of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Seriously. …

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Aug 21 2009

Please Jesus, Leave Me Alone!

There is a sign on the highway in Pennsylvania (actually, there are several of these): “Buckle Up–Next Million Miles”. I thought it was a cute use of hyperbole at first; countless hours later, I realized that it was merely truth in advertising. Pennsylvania is now, officially, wider than Alaska. Or perhaps it just seems that …

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Aug 09 2009

For Francis Collins: “When God Intervenes”

So I was watching a video interview of Dr. Francis Collins, and found it thoroughly depressing. Reporter Dan Harris does a good job, but Dr. Collins is utterly frustrating. We get the “God gave us two books” bit, where both the bible and the actual evidence of the universe around us are given equal footing …

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Aug 05 2009

Last Tuesdayism

So it appears that there is a fairly substantial herd of pharyngulites heading for the Creation Science Museum (or whatever it is called–I can’t be bothered to search) this Friday. Among the claims they will see is the old saw that “both sides” are looking at the same evidence; they just look through different lenses, …

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Aug 02 2009

A Modern Abraham-Isaac Story

PZ reports, and Greg laden reports, and PalMD reports, and of course, the AP reports, that the Father who tortured his daughter to death by substituting prayer for insulin. We can be fairly certain that she died horribly and painfully. As PalMD writes: Death by diabetic ketoacidosis is not pretty. The symptoms start with extreme …

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