Monthly Archive: April 2009

Apr 04 2009

Life 1, Cuttlefish 0

Something had to give. It is the time of the semester when assignments come due, and grading piles up. It is the time of the year when furnaces, cars, bikes, and computers break down (I don’t know how they conspire to do this, but they do). It is the time of life when the maximum …

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Apr 03 2009

The Digital Pack-Rat, Vol. 16

The real world is hitting the fan, so I don’t have time to put these in their contexts. I think all were from Pharyngula this time, though, so there’s that much at least. Congrats, MAJeff Worth the hassle? Worth the fuss?To join the club–be one of us?Now you’ve looked behind the curtain(You once suspected, now …

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