Monthly Archive: October 2008

Oct 31 2008

I Proudly Am An Atheist

The recent news cycle has once again reminded us that we atheists are a subhuman species, not deserving of the oxygen we are hogging that might otherwise go to good godly people like… well, everybody in the media, every politician, every soccer mom, brave firefighter, patriotic flagwaver, and superhero–you know, the Good Folk. Greg Laden’s …

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Oct 30 2008

… The Rest Of The Story (Sweet Zombie Jesus!)

Before: After: It started so simply–they’d meet and they’d prayAnd perhaps join each other in songHow could they have known that this beautiful dayWould so soon go so horribly wrong? Their prayers went unanswered–well, no, it was worse,They were answered by God up aboveThe Old Testament God, of the famine and curseNot the wimpy New …

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Oct 30 2008

More Bull!

Haven’t we heard something like this before? The photograph is worth a laugh–They’re praying at a golden calf?It might be nice if they’d think twiceAnd offer it a sacrifice! The Ba’al Street Journal, in its turn’llpublish all their acts infernal Hmm… you think The Giver can deliverAnd maybe part the Hudson River?Give a sign that …

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Oct 29 2008

On the home stretch…

It’s been over two years (and it hasn’t been fun)Since the first of the candidates started to run;Now the shouting and screaming is reaching its peak—A sign that we vote in just under a week. In North Carolina, our friend Liddy DoleSystematically sells what remains of her soulIs Dole really Christian? Of course we can’t …

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Oct 28 2008

The Digital Pack-Rat, volume 5

Just collecting a few odds and ends… From a PZ thread “Magic isn’t science”… The Discovery folks, in defiance of science,Pretend that their methods are new and improved;The cost of believing in magic is tragic–These people have clearly had brain parts removed! From a fun little Friday Cephalopod post (nom nom nom nom)… A small …

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Oct 26 2008

The Return Of Inkmaster Cuttle!

At a meet-and-greet on a one-way streetAs I beat the concrete with the soles of my feetSaw a sweet petite with a smokin’ seatAnd discreetly but fleetly I asked her to eatBut I beat a retreat through the heat in defeatWhen she asked “Are you one of them Librul Elite?” Resigned to my fate, I …

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Oct 25 2008

A Modest Proposition (Eight)

It’s a simple little proposition, Proposition Eight:All we ask is that you join us, as we all discriminate! This is only the beginning of a looming Culture War,As we try to set the clock back to the way it was beforeIf the homos get to marry, it will not end there, of course:What’s to stop …

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Oct 24 2008

X-Rays From Sticky Tape?!?!

The New York Times reports on a new study in the current edition of Nature; it seems a new source of X-rays has been discovered. Scotch tape. Yup. Unrolling sticky tape in a vacuum releases a surprising amount of energy, some of it in the form of X-rays! (Extremely cool video here.) My favorite quote: …

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Oct 23 2008

Thank You!

Thank you all. This post marks this blog’s official birthday; one year ago The Digital Cuttlefish went public. Since that time, 195 posts, more than 200 poems, and you people have changed my world. So again, thank you. My readers are wonderful people. I know this from comments, I know this from seeing my verses …

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Oct 22 2008

Happy Fechner Day!

158 years ago today, Gustav Theodor Fechner awoke from a dream which would change his life, and the course of science itself. In his dream, Fechner had discovered the key to studying sensation and perception, the method to measure the mind itself. Of course we cannot simply turn up some switch and increase your awareness, …

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