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A new experiment

Hey Cromrades,

Those of you who follow me on Twitter might have noticed a friendship I have struck up with a guy going by the handle “Rev_Xavier”. Xavier is relentlessly funny and uncompromisingly skeptical when it comes to religion, alt-med, gender, pseudoscience, you name it. After a number of really fun conversations online, Xavier and I hit upon the idea of starting a podcast.

Neither of us have hosted anything like this before, so we’re really winging it. I’m hoping that you good people will have some suggestions or feedback on whether you think this is a good idea, what kinds of things you’d like to see us take on, if there is a format you think is particularly effective, and any other random thoughts that might pop into your heads while watching this. The video, along with some relevant links, are below the fold.

Of Pandas and People

Republican congressman: evolution is “lies straight from the pit of hell”

Canada’s M312 bill vote record

Rona Ambrose’s non-response

Make sure you’re following Xavier on Twitter, because it’s the only way you’re going to understand the whole ‘Nutella vs. Candy Corn’ thing. Also please let me know what you thought of the video.

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