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Jan 22 2013

Loop loop loop loop

Lots of fantastic people are coming to Women in Secularism. One woman is coming from Melbourne, another from Norway. Jane Fae has a post at the New Statesman on “Misogyny, intimidation, silencing – the realities of online bullying.” The subhead is The aggregated effect of floods of negative comments online can be enough to put opinionated women …

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Aug 30 2012

Next spring in DC

Oh hai, registration is open for Women in Secularism 2. That means I finally get to tell you that Katha Pollitt will be there! Yes, Katha Pollitt. Booya. Also Vyckie Garrison! Also Soraya Chemaly, also Teresa MacBain, also Amanda Marcotte, to name just a few. This is going to be great.

Sep 16 2011

Just ask them

It was slightly surprising to see an article in USA Today that talks about atheism and feminism without sneering at either one. Now, more than a month after “Elevatorgate” erupted, freethinkers are assessing its meaning. Many acknowledge they have a “woman problem” — men outnumber women at atheist gatherings, both at the podium and in …

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