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Mar 03 2013

The cardinal tripped and fell below the standards

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, after saying “I never!!” for several days, has given a delicate admission that he was sexually…well he doesn’t say exactly, apart from admitting that it wasn’t quite the done thing. Well he’s a Catholic priest, and a high-ranking one, you can’t expect him to just come right out and say he fucked …

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Feb 12 2013

One final verdict

Frank Bruni wrote a pretty blistering op-ed in the NY Times last week on the Catholic church’s funny way of veering between theocracy and secularism depending on which is most convenient at any particular moment. He pointed out things that don’t get pointed out nearly often enough, especially by hyper-respectable newspapers like the Times. On the one …

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Feb 03 2013

Like many others

Janet Heimlich casts a cold eye on a bishop’s “apology.” You know what’s coming. We could all write the “apology” in our sleep. “I wish to acknowledge and apologize for those instances when I made decisions regarding the treatment and disposition of clergy accused of sexual abuse that in retrospect appear inadequate or mistaken.” Curry …

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Dec 19 2012

Heed the warning of the Holy Father

LeftSidePositive pointed out yesterday that when Catholic archbishops prate of freedom of conscience they are bullshitting, because they don’t believe in or promote other people’s freedom of conscience to have nothing to do with Catholic rules. This needs to be mentioned more often. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a statement on religious freedom …

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Dec 18 2012

Yes, it is a sin

Cristina Odone is worried. What’s she worried about? She’s worried that Ireland is planning to change its abortion law – to legalize abortion when it’s necessary to save the woman’s life – on the basis of a mistake about what happened to Savita Halappanavar. Oh noes! I’m a Catholic but I believe abortion has to …

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Dec 06 2012

Shut up and obey

In writing that post I turned up this item from The Catholic Phoenix a couple of years ago. It’s special. Denys Powlett-Jones is commenting on the leaking of the bishop’s infamous letter to Catholic Healthcare West by the Arizona Republic. It is also no surprise that it is C(INO)HW who has decided to fight this …

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Nov 28 2012

The bishops really do mean it

Jen Gunter is also disturbed by what the Irish bishops said. Terminating a pregnancy is “gravely immoral in all circumstances.” All circumstances includes 17 weeks and ruptured membranes. Unless I misunderstand the meaning of “all,” then Irish Catholic Bishops also view ending a pregnancy at 17 weeks with ruptured membranes and sepsis, either by induction …

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Nov 19 2012

But it’s not just Ireland

Ann Marie Hourihane has an interesting piece in the Irish Times on how awkward it is for her to be in the US right now, because of all the shocked questions about how that hospital could have let Savita Halappanavar die rather than perform an abortion to complete the miscarriage that was already happening. Perhaps …

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Nov 18 2012

Within the Catholic moral tradition

A reader pointed out an article at “Catholic Health World” – Interjection: what the hell is “Catholic health”? I know, that’s not what they mean, it’s just the name of a publication of the CHUSA, the Catholic Health Association of the US. But that’s stupid too. We’re deadened to all this because of habituation. We’re …

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Nov 16 2012

Part 3 of the Legion of Death’s “Directives”

The instructions. Prenatal diagnosis is not permitted when undertaken with the intention of aborting an unborn child with a serious defect. No matter what the defect. No matter how unable the parents are to deal with an infant born to suffer and then die. No matter how much futile suffering is in store for the infant. Those …

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