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Usually in an attempt to make trouble

Paul Krugman thinks it’s not particularly reasonable to make comments on the internet while pretending to be Paul Krugman.

I do think that it’s kind of curious that I’ve had repeated incidents in which people pretend to be me, usually in an attempt to make trouble. Is my real output so hard to criticize that people looking for a way to discredit me have to make stuff up?

And for that matter doesn’t making stuff up kind of defeat the purpose?



  1. Funny Diva says

    OMG, there are actual “hey, take it as a COMPLIMENT” comments on that post. (I’m sure the commenters are well-meaning but, srsly?)

    My mind…it is blown.

  2. scott says

    And for that matter doesn’t making stuff up kind of defeat the purpose?

    Nope, because the “critics” aren’t trying to engage with the real Krugman. They’re talking to their crazy followers, in one of two ways:

    * Look at the stupid/evil/communist crap liberals are saying. They sure are stupid! Isn’t it great that we conservatives are never stupid or wrong? Send me money because I am never stupid or wrong.

    * Liberal champion Krugman said X, which I can handily defeat with the talking point of the day and an invocation of Reagan. Liberals sure are foolish if this is the best they have. Send me money because I am the best liberal-defeater.

    So they want a faux-Krugman to knock down, not the real one.

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