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TMI time!

I had my annual womanly check up today. I find it quite depressing that that’s the most action that I’ve gotten in months. A two and a half year long relationship with constant sex suddenly ending sucks ass. It sucks more ass when you’re still living with your ex, and he’s doing his new girlfriend who you have classes with because you’re the same major. Yay!

…Yeah, sorry, I’ll try to keep real life drama to a minimum. Had a couple Strongbows (friend got her PhD, celebration ensued, woo) and I’m sleepy. Three drinks also leads to sexual frustration. Sexual frustration and drinks lead to revealing blog posts that I will possibly regret in the morning. Oh well!

I am now going to cuddle with my pillow and dream of non-deadly pie, professors who want me for grad school, and sexy men (or a combination of the three?)