Why is Bill Nye fund-raising for creationism?

A lot of people are excited about the upcoming debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye at the Creation Museum in February. Some think Bill will be completely unprepared for standard creationist debate tactics, others think he’ll mop the floor with Ham. To me, that’s not the issue. The important thing to me (and probably to Ham) is that no matter how the debate goes, the fact that it happens at all is going to be a huge revenue stream for AnswersInGenesis.org. I’m sure if he loses, Ham will cry all the way to the bank.

According to the AiG web site, tickets to the event sold out in two minutes. God only knows how much money that raked in (and AiG isn’t telling), but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. They’re also looking into setting up a pay-per-view live stream, and they’re already taking advance orders on the DVD. Some of the comments on the site are enthusiastic about how much money Nye is going to help raise for creationism.

Comments About the Live Streaming of the Debate

  • “5 bucks is not unreasonable at all.”
  • “I am all for you making money off this event … it can fund the Ark project! Can’t wait to get my DVD.”
  • [In countering a critic who said that the live streaming should be free:] “So you all are against fundraising? How else do you propose they raise their necessary operating funds? I think this is a GREAT fundraiser, and apparently so do a lot of others if tickets sold out in 2 minutes!”
  • “There are costs involved in doing anything like this of this magnitude. I am thankful to AiG for standing for truth and don’t begrudge them making a bit of $ that they will surely use for good!”

And by “good,” of course, they mean “preaching creationism.” And that’s just for the live stream, a one-shot event that some people may not have the time or equipment for. Ham will be able to keep selling the DVD for years, and make money off of it. This whole debate may turn into a cash flow that keeps the Ark afloat! Even if the debate goes badly for Ham, he can make money off of secularists buying the dvd—and since they don’t believe in creationism anyway, it’s no great loss for him ideologically, and a big profit financially.

So why is Bill Nye a willing partner in this scam? I like him a lot, but I have to say it really looks like he got suckered big time here. I’m hoping maybe there’s some secret deal I haven’t heard about yet, but from what AiG is saying it looks like they’ve rigged the finances so that it will be a win-win situation for them.