Question of the week: Will Jesus protect me?

It’s fascinating sometimes to dip into the real conversations that people are having, just to see what kind of world they live in. Ok, there’s an element of tabloidish voyeurism here, I admit it, but I can’t help taking a peek now and then. Here’s my pick for Question of the Week, from Yahoo! Answers.

Will Jesus protect me from the demons that desire me to sin?

The correct answer to that question should be pretty obvious, if boring. But how do Christians deal with Jesus’ consistent and universal failure to provide believers with protection from temptation?

One quick/pat answer is to blame the victim:

You desire you to sin.

It’s all your fault you’re tempted, you see, so therefore it’s not really Jesus’ fault he fails to show up to help you.

Another approach is to try and excuse Jesus by saying it’s all part of a wonderful plan.

no he cannot. All humans sin if we didn’t there would never have been a reason for Jesus. But he can offer you strength to try and limit the amount you sin and the depth of them.

This one is interesting because it suggests that somehow sin and evil are necessary in order to achieve a greater good. If we’d been perfect people, God would never have shared Jesus with us, because… um, well… um…

But probably the best answer is to throw a bunch of words at the question (caps lock key engaged) and try and bury it under a pile of piety.

JESUS WILL PROTECT YOU BUT YOU WILL STILL HAVE TEMTATIONS. If demonic activity is keeping you from reading the word or getting back to living without the sin that seperates you from God, then you have authority to cast demons out in Jesus name. I like to use his hebrew name if it is to cast out demons. His name is Yeshua messiah.

Read the whole thing if you have the time (and if that much of your life would be wasted anyway). The gist of it seems to be that it doesn’t matter how much you contradict yourself as long as you have strong feelings about what you’re saying, and as long as you can cut and paste from an online KJV bible.

Like I said, a bit tawdry and tabloidish, but somehow still fascinating, in the honest look it gives us at human foibles.