Fallacies of a contingent God

Over at Evangelical Realism I’m taking a break from my usual book reviews to indulge in a post-mortem of Stephen Feinstein’s debate with fellow FtB-er Russell Glasser. It’s my chance to dig in and play with some of the presuppositional apologetics stuff that I’ve heard floating around, and a bit of fun besides. (With apologies to Russell for freeloading off his great series.)


  1. wholething says

    You list seven things that Pastor Feinstein must define and show. He only has to presuppose they are true, thus the name of the philosophy. It’s like playing chess with a pigeon.

    • Deacon Duncan says

      I’ve often thought that presuppositionalism sounds like ordinary liberal postmodernism dressed up for church. What makes Pastor Feinstein’s presentation a bit more fun is that he seems to believe that it is possible to test one’s presuppositions against the evidence in order to determine whose presuppositions are right and whose are wrong. He can’t retreat into full-blown postmodern agnosticism without admitting that his core argument is wrong and that atheistic worldviews are just as valid as his own.

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