No rights for heteros.

Over at, one Greg Quinlan shares his predictably hysterical opinion.

The homosexual push for “equal marriage,” otherwise known as genderless marriage, can only lead to a ban on heterosexual rights.

And what rights would those be?

“parents in California are now prohibited from taking their children to see a therapist to resolve their child’s unwanted same-sex attractions.”

How terrible. Parents not allowed to spend huge sums on abusive “therapies” with a clinically-proven zero percent success rate in changing a person’s natural sexual orientation? Next you’ll be telling us it’s somehow wrong to raise your kids to be self-loathing hypocrites.

According to Quinlan, sound medical practice is actually a vast conspiracy to force kids to have homosexual impulses.

So for parents who discover that their son has been molested and is now sexually confused, their only option is to make an appointment with a gay affirming therapist because unlike heterosexual affirming therapy, gay affirming therapy has not been declared illegal in California even though such therapy has not been proven beneficial by the APA.

Yet a parent can take their son to a therapist to approve gender blocking hormones so that the child’s natural gender is stunted before he reaches puberty. In short, parents can attempt to change a child’s gender, but they can’t change their child’s sexual orientation unless it is to a homosexual identity.

You see, the only reason anyone ever feels same-sex attraction is because they were sexually molested. To be properly heterosexual, you have to be molested by someone of the opposite sex, apparently. Or something.

And apparently all licensed, practicing, legitimate therapists are part of a vast conspiracy to reprogram kids to fall in love differently. Even endocrinologists, who are trying to treat serious hormonal disorders in young children (ever meet an 8-year-old with PMS?) are really just conducting diabolical subversion of kids bodies in order to turn them into gays. Muahaha.

Earth to Quinlan: none of this feverish fantasy is true. Therapists have no reason to want heterosexual kids to become gay. Even if they did, trying to brainwash straight kids to be gay is just as ineffective as trying to turn gay kids straight. Falling in love is natural. Attraction is natural. It’s not something you choose to do, as though you could just flip some kind of mental switch and then never feel any attraction for the “wrong” people.

The problem with this so-called “heterosexual therapy” is that it uses principles of psychotherapy to create and reinforce an unhealthy psychological denial instead of helping the patient achieve honest self-acceptance. Quinlan himself provides us with a good example.

As a former homosexual, I understand the gays’ dread and absolute fear of heterosexuality. It goes beyond trying to normalize sodomy by calling it “marriage.”  It’s about labeling others as “gay” as early as possible—witness the gay activist push into public schools—and then ensuring that they do not leave the group. As a homosexual, I was welcomed with open arms, especially when I joined the gay activist cause.

But when I decided to leave homosexuality after seeing hundreds of my friends and acquaintances die of AIDS, I was demonized and excoriated as an ex-gay traitor, which continues to this day.

Yeah, funny how people resent it more when the calls for bigotry and oppression come from former comrades, isn’t it? Perhaps if Quinlan looked up the definition of “traitor” he’d have a better understanding of why the term would be applied to someone who switches from helping his fellows resist oppression to seeking to harm his own group.

And notice how he misses the real problem here. His friends and acquaintances didn’t die because they fall in love differently. They died from a sexually-transmitted disease—a disease gays are more vulnerable to because they’re not allowed to marry and form lasting, legal, single-partner relationships. Gay marriage would be a huge advance in halting and preventing the spread of AIDS, but Quinlan opposes it, even though this is going to mean more gay men die.

If it were not for Quinlan’s irrational hostility towards same-sex attraction, he’d be able to recognize that AIDS is only one of many problems faced by homosexuals, and that the truly caring and useful response is to try and suppress the problems instead of trying to suppress the gays. His own “ex-gay” brainwashing has turned him into a prime example of why this so-called “therapy” does more harm than good.