Monthly Archive: September 2012

Sep 03 2012

Troublesome Labor Day post

I’m sitting comfortably at home today, enjoying the Labor Day holiday, and wrestling with a post I want to write. Labor Day seems like a good day for it, because it’s about wage earners. But it’s giving me trouble. Here’s what I want to say: I want to point out that most of the nation’s …

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Sep 02 2012

Justin Martyr and the Ring of Secrets

This week on Evangelical Realism we look at Justin Martyr’s technique for decoding the secret messages hidden in Old Testament prophecy. Enjoy.

Sep 01 2012

My new favorite slogan

You know, I think I have a new favorite slogan: WE BUILT THAT! Take Wal-Mart for instance. It didn’t become one of the world’s largest retailers because Sam Walton was so good at stocking shelves and ringing cash registers. The Walton family provided the leadership, true enough, but the labor, the actual building, came from …

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