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Who said it?

I have a new favorite quote.

The person who follows the pursuit of reason unflinchingly toward its end will be atheistic or, at best, agnostic.

Guess who said that?

These, ladies and gentlemen, are the words of William Lane Craig, as discovered and reported by the Uncredible Hallq. Almost amazing, isn’t it? And yet somehow not surprising at all. Chris suggests that this proves once and for all that Craig is a charlatan, but I think it’s a bit more subtle than that. I think he’s just got a serious case of denial.

Read the quote again. What Craig is telling us is that he has seen reason through to its end—and flinched. He didn’t like where reason was leading him, and so he balked. He deliberately abandoned reason at some point, took refuge in irrational faith, and warned his peers in piety not to travel too far down that road, lest they discover their God is a sham. [Update: No, while it might seem like that reading the quote out of context, Craig is making a different point. That's my mistake, not The Hallq's. Craig's argument still has problems, though, as I discuss in more detail on my other blog.]

He knows the truth, and simply can’t bring himself to admit it. The cost is too high. He’s staked his whole career on defending a God who is clearly a figment of superstitious imagination. And that’s why he’ll make whatever argument it takes to reinforce his own denial. He knows too much to escape the cognitive dissonance, and the rest is garden variety psychology.

It’s a shame, really. He’s got a lot of talent, and he’s wasting it on a futile struggle against the truth.