Sexual abuser priests must not be forgiven

Pope Francis asked forgiveness for priests who sexually abused children.
But we must not forgive anyone who sexually abuse children. No priest should get any chance to get away with their heinous crimes only because they are priests. Actually they should get greater punishment because they are priests, they are not just ordinary x y z. Priests are mediators between humans and God. When children are fucked by priests, it seems priests get divine orders to fuck children. Or God himself is inserting his messages into children’s anuses with the help of priests.

Parents send their children to priests because they trust them, like they trust their God. Priests are supposed to save children from all the evil forces. It is an unforgivable crime if priests abuse children when they are supposed to save children from being abused.

God can forgive priests, but I, for one, will never forgive any rapist priest.

Prayer doesn’t work, and you know it, Mr. Pope!

Pope announced a day of fasting and prayer for peace in Syria.

Francis is asking people to join him next weekend in a day of fasting for peace in Syria. Francis invited people of all faiths to join him Saturday evening in St. Peter’s Square to invoke the “gift” of peace for Syria, the rest of the Middle East and worldwide where there is conflict. Declaring “no more war,” Francis spoke to tens of thousands of people gathered in the square on Sunday. He says the “world needs to see gestures of peace and hear words of peace.” He says that only dialogue, and not armed intervention, can end Syria’s civil war. The five-hour-long prayer vigil in the square Saturday will last until midnight.

Mr. Pope, I believe you know very well that prayer and fasting do not work. Could you show any evidence of a successful prayer or fasting? I don’t think you will be able to show anything. Why don’t you cancel your stupid prayer program and try to motivate warmongers to stop war? You guys always fool around. For once, just stop it.

No More Pope!

I hoped for no more pope.

Now Femen activists are also saying, no more pope. They are saying it by ringing the holly bells of the holly Notre Dame of Paris while being naked.

They were in Vatican to shut the homophobe pope up.

Femen activists are definitely fighting for the right cause. Femen should not be limited to Europe only. Women in Asia, Africa, and America should join Femen and protest against every bad things.

Pope Must Go

Michael Nugent found ten reasons to be pleased that Pope Benedict is resigning. He explained elaborately the ten reasons he gave.

1.He has international political influence through the Vatican
2.His Vatican works with Islamic States to oppose gay rights
3.He blames atheism for Nazi Germany and lack of virtue
4.His Catholic Church claims that atheists are not fully human
5.He protects the Vatican ahead of child sex abuse victims
6.He blames secularisation for priests raping children
7.His Vatican compares child sex abuse with ordaining women
8.He offered free plenary indulgences to Lourdes pilgrims
9.He is skeptical that there were donkeys in the crib
10.He silences priests who want a more democratic church

With or without Islamic States the Vatican is against gay rights, because the bible is against gay rights. He blames atheism for Nazi Germany because he is ignorant like many people in the world who believe Hitler was an atheist and he killed Jews in the name of atheism. I can well understand why his Catholic Church claims that atheists are not fully human, because God hates atheists and Church based of myths and hypocrisies is threatened by no one but atheists. The biggest crime the Pope committed by protecting Vatican ahead of child sex abuse victims. He blames secularization for priests raping children. He has to, because priests must to be saved. They are authorized to perform the sacred rites of religion especially as a mediatory agent between humans and God. Whatever they do, rape or murder, they must be saved in order to save God’s ass. He silences priests who want a more democratic church, he does it because he knows religion is not compatible with democracy. If religion evolves or if it supports democracy, human rights, and equal rights between men and women, it will not be religion anymore. Religion’s purpose is to keep people in the darkness of ignorance, promote injustices and inequalities. Religion doesn’t evolve, people evolve. We do not have to force it to evolve or pretend that it evolved. We enlightened evolved people need to reject religion to make the world a better place.

HOPE there’s no POPE


Congratulations, Pope! You decided to resign!
Papacy will remain vacant after 28 February until a new Pope has been selected.

Papacy will remain vacant! Such a good news! I hope Papacy remains vacant forever and never a successor is chosen. The current Pope committed crimes against humanity. His successor will most likely continue committing crimes. We know about the crimes of Popes.

The Pope is regarded as the successor of St. Peter, the Apostle. Jesus gave the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven to St. Peter…

The Keys of the kingdom of Heaven! Just a myth. People should not be mythguided. Time to close Papacy. Make the Vatican a museum of human stupidity.