No More Pope!

I hoped for no more pope.

Now Femen activists are also saying, no more pope. They are saying it by ringing the holly bells of the holly Notre Dame of Paris while being naked.

They were in Vatican to shut the homophobe pope up.

Femen activists are definitely fighting for the right cause. Femen should not be limited to Europe only. Women in Asia, Africa, and America should join Femen and protest against every bad things.


  1. says

    Oh no!! I can not even imagine what would happen to these “Feminist” groups if they try this stunt in any of the Muslim controlled countries and see how far they would get lol.
    I could expect Feminist Activist in Muslim controlled country things like…”The reason I dont wear Hijab”
    womens are not diamond, pearl or precious gem to be hidden.
    To call women those things is an insult as those are material items, man gives value to then fight and kill each other over. To call them that is not flattery. May other things in life are beautiful that are not covered, like flowers, the stars, the sunset. No one fights or dies over those things.
    I am surprised, bewildered! How could an educated women remains Muslims when she knows that her husband legally allowed ( according to Shariah law ) to punish her physically for not wearing a Hijab?
    I feel panic when I see only 20% women are non religious even in North America.

  2. partha says

    I do not understand what Taslima and her fellow feminist thinks about. But Church is an institution and Pope is its head. It is solely responsible to guide people to follow their religion and lead wonderful life. Christan religion without Pope will same as child without father. What nonsense thinking Taslima. Be rational in thinking, reembrace your religion and live happily.

  3. rbier says

    Femen raise important issues, I agree on that. But there are also very problematic and concerning aspects in this organization. According to some recent articles, these young naked women and their campaigns seem to be orchestrated by a man, who aims primarily at getting as much publicity as possible and – surprise surprise – at maximizing donations. The group is very opaque when it comes to the role of this person and how the money they raise is used. So, I’m don’t share the enthusiasm about this group…

  4. Ted Powell says

    partha writes: Christan religion without Pope will same as child without father.

    Is partha completely unaware of the Protestant Reformation and centuries of German, British, American, Canadian, etc, history?

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