Stupid verses of the stupid Quran

If you are a non-Muslim, and you are not able to recite the stupid verses of the stupid Quran, you can be killed by stupid Al-Shabaab islamists in Kenya.


Yesterday the stupid islamists killed 28 innocent people. They ambushed a bus in Kenya and sprayed bullets on those who failed to recite Quranic verses, killing 28 people.
The bus, which had 60 people aboard, was heading to the capital of Nairobi. Islamists stopped the bus at a hilly area and stormed in. They demanded people sitting in the bus recite Quranic verses. They opened fire on passengers who failed to do so.

The most dangerous people in this universe are stupid people, believer people. Be aware of them.


  1. Jeanette says

    Forcing their “peaceful” religion on people is ridiculous. Murdering people over religion is terrible. Some “god” they must have! I think us in America should just bomb them once and for all. These scumbags are an extreme threat to modern society. They offer nothing good or positive to life, and I believe they should be exterminated. They claim to hate America so much, yet they still come here and pollute our cities and towns. Most are undercover, and we shall never know which Muslims here in America are extremists, planning to blow us up! Shame on America for allowing just anyone to come and live in our country. Beware-there are evil Muslims among us..

  2. ImRaN says

    Hey Urine your this news doesn’t make any sense that the stupid Islamist killed 28 innocent people. I remember one thing if Muslims reacts then it is your mistake. Why you hold baghdad, Iran and Afghanistan? Why you American’s make influence in every countries matter? Why CIA supports ISIS, gave funds to them?
    You first have to learn about Islam then gave your VALUABLE comments on it 🙂

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