”The girl has a chronic ‘disease’ that draws her to men.”

‘The girl has a chronic disease that draws her to men’ says Ram Jethmalani, one of the India’s top legal minds.
Ram Jethmalani has served his country as Law minister and also as minister of Urban Development. Very honorable person indeed.

He is now defending Asaram, the rapist godman. To justify the rape, he is trying to say that it is not Asaram’s fault that he raped the girl, it is the girl’s fault, because the girl came to Asaram. What made her to come to Asaram? Her disease. Her disease draws her to Asaram, so, Asaram has all the right to rape her in order to cure her disease.

Please do not say Ram Jethmalani has lost his mind. I do not think he has lost his mind. His patriarchal mindset is unchanged, his misogyny is intact. It does not matter how big you become in a patriarchal society, you would always be a bit misogynist if you do not struggle hard to get out of the system physically and mentally and unlearn everything patriarchal you have been indoctrinated with since your childhood. Just a few days ago, another lawyer, to defend a bunch of rapists in the High Court, said that he would have burned his daughter alive if she was having premarital sex and went out late at night with her boyfriend.

You believe it or not, misogyny is a daily reality for women in India.


  1. Gwen Stacy says

    You’re engaging is reductio ad absurdum to extend an argument to ridiculous proportion and criticizing the inference. Reductio ad absurdum is a logical fallacy. He didn’t say Asharam is right to rape her but the allegedly disease is a matter of Police investigation.I don’t have problem with rest of thy article.

    • No One says

      Oh for fucks sake. He is a defense lawyer trying to exonerate his client. “She wanted it” is one of the oldest dodges. He’s not condoning rape, he’s is denying it ever happened. Because she’s a slut, and sluts can’t be raped.

  2. Vinka 5 says

    Some men will say absolutely anything to defend the most vile behaviours of other men, because they are simultaneously defending THEIR own behaviours or their proclivities. Even women (more than one) who had internalised misogyny will rather believe the male abuser than the female victim. In patriarchy, the greater the lie, the greater its credibility. Look at their religions.
    All human beings project from time to time, but men do it practically by default. Look at the statement: “the girl has a chronic disease that draws her to men”: narcissism, predominantly the pathology of the male is not only chronic but historical. The patriarchy gives him power, but frees him from responsibility. As soon as he could, he blamed it on a woman, even a child. (Eve, Pandora, etc). He, being “godlike” cannot do wrong. Any recognition of wrongdoing problematises patriarchal claims to ascendancy. Globally, men (not all men) have gone berserk in the 21st century. Collective psychosis of raping, killing, abuse, exploitation, oppression, lies, re-covering, burying of lies, etc. etc. Yet, islam doesn’t even recognise rape, unless there are several independent witnesses. How often do we hear that one or two men in a gang stopped the others from raping? They join in, instead. In islamic countries, a rape victim is punished for “fornication”, not her abuser. That IS a pathology. Men close ranks to protect themselves, to avoid consequences and defend their “entitlement”.

    • Jonny Vincent says

      Rape is a product of the Yahweh religions of evil imposition but for you to talk about projecting is…recursion.

      Humans are born as a blank slate with tendencies towards PURE and GOOD things, all of which are biological (which is why they’re pure and good; to fight against 5 million years of consecutive winning code naturally selected for superiority would be sheer madness and would probably destroy life on Earth). Which is why mothers need to stop slut-shaming their daughters.

      “…you, who have eyes, cannot see…”

      Only mothers CAN perpetuate cultural, societal and religious values. This is a world created by reduced mothers. The insanity of your blindness is terrifying. Open your eyes. Where is the NEED for imposition coming from? Where is the NEED for control and domination sourced? Where is the NEED for lies and violence derived?

      It’s not from working men, you blind fools. Men are conditioned to work for a living as slave johns. Women are conditioned to fear work and preserve the ‘purity’ of their body for sale. A girl smeared with the stigmatised label of ‘slut’ is a girl being true to her biological coding. It’s not men smearing girls who putrid shame for liking sex.

      It’s whores purging their own daughters from the field of competition for male slaves (husbands, filial sons). Whore mothers and the leech holy men of the Matriarchal religions of slavery. Follow the NEED to source.

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