Rape is old-fashioned. Gang rape is a trend.

Five men brutally gangraped a photojournalist in Mumbai.
After nationwide protests against Delhi gang rape, many children, girls and women were brutally raped and murdered. Now a photojournalist has been gang raped in the middle of Mumbai, an important city in India.

Women get raped because women are treated as pieces of shit in misogynistic society.

Most people are angry with rapists, they do not like to call them ‘men’, they think rapists are mentally ill. They want rapists to be hanged to death or to be castrated.

But the truth is, rapists are men and they are not mentally ill. And no punishment for rapists is a deterrent. And however much you try to make rape disappear, rape and other violence against women will never go away until patriarchy and misogyny go away.



  1. mildlymagnificent says

    Men acting pigs are nothing new. Sad to say.

    Only where they’re encouraged or permitted to be like that. Do you really believe that all these men would act this way if they’d been brought up to see women as worthy of consideration or even, gasp!, respect?

    I don’t. The simple fact that rates of violence and rape, and the kinds of violence and rape, against women vary across the world tells us that it needn’t be this way. If culture generally, and families and schools specifically, have different expectations of men’s behaviour then they will behave differently.

  2. Larry Olson says

    Well I agree with all that you said… I hate when men label women and then chase those same ladies. They are losers who do that and those women are someone’s daughter, sister, mother, gmother… or aunt

  3. Damien McLeod says

    Yes, Patriarchy and misogyny need to go away, and so do Capitalism and Religion and any number of other barbarisms we humans so love to engage in. Thank you Ms. Nasreen, and keep up the good writing.

  4. NotYou says

    I think in Patriarchy or in Mysoginy societies also most women are dominating Men. Becouse when ever or where ever women in those kind of society want to have sex with any Men seceretly even forcefuly manytimes, their desire fulfils. Because Men doesnot report to police as molestead or attempted to rape or even rape, as Men know it will be in vein. As women get preferences in every Low of justice.

    • Larry Olson says

      NotYou – Let’s take this one point at a time. So those ladies who are stoned, they are using the men? They are abusing? Are you saying that the poor men are getting back at those women for all the rapes? When they throw acid in the faces of women, it is an honor thing to do to women? And finally you talk of justice. Really, I cannot see women prevailing as they were veils and are put to death.

      Al Jazeera commented on Filipino workers being abused. The ladies are holed up in an embassy while politicians soft-soap the abuse.

    • No One says

      Of course it’s women who force the poor downtrodden men to rape. Men have no choice at all. One wiff of pussy and their brains turn to jello. Grow the fuck up tadpole.

  5. DsylexicHippo says

    Though certain to be considered as “cruel and unusual”, castration has got to be the best deterrent to this issue. No balls = zero recidivism.

    • thascius says

      “No balls = zero recidivism.” Actually not true. In places where chemical/surgical castration is used on sex offenders, some offenders have found they can get around it by injecting anabolic steroids. Or using something other than their genitals to penetrate. The real organ where rape originates is the one between the ears.

  6. UJJAL says

    But how to do away with misogyny ? The answer is vast. It is the direct responsibility of the respective governments to make available education and job and good governance. Supposedly this is done still rape will not come to a final end for further various individual reasons. But I feel the crisis will be largely arrested as men in the society will have enough reasons to look forward to lead a good life than choosing to engage in crime. Government has to do its job first. In advanced societies where surely there are much better governance than India the rape rate is very low and gang rape is almost absent. Stern punishment would not be the solution. There are death sentences for murder and other crimes, still there is murder through out the world.

    • Larry Olson says

      Very harsh punishment is required. A woman suffers rape there are no do overs. She has to suffer with this and we let scum hurt people and oh, the economy has nothing to do with rape. It is not a justification.

      • UJJAL says

        Larry Olson, it depends majorly in viewpoint of individuals coming from various economical background. Request you to read my post once again. I did mention that this is not the final solution. But socio-economical stability is the largest factor.
        The harshest punishment could be death sentence. I am sure you will agree that even death fear cannot stop this heinous crime. But in the same breath I agree fully and demand a harsh punishment for the rapist.
        I am not trying to be intellectual about the solution of the issue, I am trying to be analytical to go to the root cause of the issue. Being a male myself, I do understand that male is the problem to rape not women. I also can understand theoretically what trauma the woman passes through and carries throughout her life !

  7. Sarah_B says

    No, castration won’t help at all.

    Firstly; testicles are not necessary for erection and penetration; as testicle cancer survivors can attest to.

    And secondly, removing sexual urges won’t remove the motivaion to rape, as rape is NOT about sexual gratification. If a guy wants to rape someone and he can’t get it up, he’ll use whatever object he can get hold of; bottle, pipe, whatever. Probably even more physically damaging than the penis.

  8. Promzee says

    what about child rape? I read this dreadful news in the newspaper a couple of days ago, a nine year old kid raped and then murdered by some sick asshole. She was found naked with a piece of cloth wound around her neck the rapist must’ve used it to strangle her to death. There was no image but I could almost picture her lying dead. I can’t imagine what sort of psycho would do such a thing. Wish I could leave this F**** up country for good! I just don’t feel safe anymore.


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