Monkey business!

We would have done the same if we were hungry. Why do they need to steal food? Hindus have a monkey god. Monkey worshipers should provide enough food for monkeys that live in the monkey temples.

Some men in India and Pakistan force monkeys to be their slaves. This monkey business is so ridiculous. Monkeys are chained. They have to play clowns to make people laugh.They have to do everything those monkey abusers ask them to do. I do not think monkeys are even given a piece of banana after their whole day’s hard work.

This must be stopped. Free the monkeys. Let them live happily in their forests! They will live in the forests with many dangerous animals, but those animals are obviously less dangerous than humans.


  1. says

    I remember stories of tourists attacked by monkeys in Thailand, but my real experience was opposite. The monkeys were well hidden in the forest when I went to the hilltop monastery, but descending the hill I saw a woman with a bunch of bananas, and very quickly she was attended by very monkeys who came to eat the
    offered food. This happened at Prachuab Kiri Kan in 1987. Law Ling is the name schoolchildren give to
    the letter L. Ling is monkey in Thai.

    It seemed these Thai monkeys near the buddhist temple were able to thrive despite processions and
    suchlike because there was a designated path for humans, and most people kept to that path. Undoubtedly
    some who wanted to feed the monkeys might be too enthusiastic and offer them alcohol or suchlike,
    but a form of co-existance should be possible.

  2. mohit says

    Couldn’t agree more.

    When I was a small child I used to enjoy their street dramas and used to believe that
    “WOW, how come these two little guy and girl monkeys can do that, it’s so amazing. They get angry with each other, and get married to each other and look so cute while doing those amazing tricks”.

    Still remember those odd moments when their manager used to hit them and they helplessly tried to perform whatever he was asking them to. No one told me it was wrong. Doesn’t make it right though.

    Have always loved their innocent faces, more so perhaps because their facial reactions and emotions and structures match ours. Even the smaller ones are so active and vibrant. Lot of people get scared of them and make them go away using wooden sticks and I so hate them.

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