1. Hamza says

    taslima! should I splash an abuse on you that truly reflects your thoughts, would it be freedom of thoughts?
    You really need a female surgeon. I m waiting for your response.
    You are a holy sin therefore I hate you, your thoughts, your ideology and those who taught and trained you.

    • thebookofdave says

      Thank you for your comment, Hamza. Nothing tops off an article about Blasphemy Day like a live example of why it’s so important. God doesn’t have your back here, either. Even you know he doesn’t exist. Happy Blasphemy Day!

      • F says

        Gah. My far less cogent response to that post is, “sicko“.

        And Hazma, you are one among many who does not know the definition of freethought, which is to be free of the considerations of religion and supernatural or superstitious claptrap when thinking about nature, humans, and their society. But sure, you can freely heap abuse on anyone, because we have free speech to some extent or other in the countries involved here (where the server is hosted, where bloggers live, etc.). Of course, there are consequences to speech that is threatening, libelous, or slanderous. And no one has to be nice in responding to you, either.

        For your medical needs, I suggest a prefrontal lobotomy. (See? Not nice. Near-par with your surgical suggestion, though, at some levels.)

    • San says

      If her Sin is so Holy then at least she earned this much of holynss. I am happy Mr Hamza. May your God bless you!

  2. says

    what the hell are you on about? What have “female surgeons” got to do with any of the OP. And what makes you think anyone trained Taslima? Does it not occur to you that she may be expressing her own ideas & feelings.
    Who trained you?

  3. says

    It’s a brain dead troll. Logic is of little use except to humiliate the immature twit.

    Free thoughts: she deserves for all that come against what she provokes

    See? Immature cry-baby. She can’t provoke anything unless you are so emotionally handicapped that you are a perpetual victim and unable to take ownership of your thought and feelings. Quit fucking whining and blubbering, you’re getting drool all over your keyboard.

  4. Hamza says

    Hahaha. Did I do any blasphemous act? I thought this platform would let me freely comment but……at least u must remember it

    • Cuttlefish says

      Of course you did not blaspheme. You just wrote incoherent gibberish. And look–your comments here show that yes, you can freely comment on this platform! And no one has called for your death! Remarkable how that works. Why? Because, it would seem, Taslima is stronger than your beliefs, and can withstand criticism.

  5. Kaguya says

    Regarding the third picture…what if I see having a religion as having failed at rationality (at least about that particular topic)?

    Am I a misandrist now? :3c

    • says

      Please replace the word ‘penis’ with ‘breast’ if you are female. For the non gender specific terminology, you may say, “Religion is like an anus,” although it might make more sense to then say ‘shaking’ instead of ‘waving.’
      More research is needed.

      • Kaguya says

        I don’t really think it’s equivalent to breast…I mean, there’s breastfeeding to start with. But anus likely works.

        I was just mocking MRAs ~owo~

      • F says

        I think the joke was:
        (cartoon) religion::penis
        (Kaguya) religion::rationality fail
        therefore penis::rationality fail

        But Kaguya wouldn’t be misandrist because the joke isn’t coming from that angle. (Which was actually part of the joke.)

        And it doesn’t matter if penises, breasts, anuses, or religions are involved, none of the above should be jammed down any child’s (or non-consenting person’s) throat. (Anatomical impossibilities being ignored.) And none of the above make the owner irrational, with the partial exception of religion.

        Women should be able to go about topless wherever it is acceptable for men to do so.

  6. says

    “A blasphemy a day keeps the ignorance away.”

    I disagree. Continued mockery in the form of (perceived) blasphemy merely enrages the more violent of ignorant fundamentalists.

    Better to just kill ’em.

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