More pun fun

It’s been a while since the Pearls Before Swine strip had one of those puns with a convoluted set up that you know is coming from the first panel.

(Pearls Before Swine)

UPDATE: I realized that some people may not be old enough to know the song being referred to so here is a music video of the Village People doing their hit.


  1. says

    The Village People also were set to make a recruiting video for the US Navy. They shot the video onboard the USS Reasoner FF 1063 in San Diego but the higher command decided that the video was not in the tradition of the service. Go figure.

  2. Adiposis Dolorosa says

    Last night I was at a festival with my wife, and we were in our trailer as my got ready to join the dance party. She was just about to leave when we heard YMCA start playing: they played a lot of oldies. So I pulled up this post and showed the cartoon to my wife. She groaned hard, while I laughed maniacally.

  3. sonofrojblake says

    Part of the fun in these is trying to spot what’s coming. Usually I’m a good way in before I cotton on. This time, I knew where it was going in the first frame. Still enjoyed it…

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