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In Arizona, Republicans Kari Lake lost her governor’s race to Democrat Katie Hobbs and Republican Blake Master lost his senate race to Mark Kelly. Both are ardent Trumpists and as true devotees are now, of course, claiming the election was stolen from them. Lake is refusing to concede but Masters had previously conceded the race.

But in a race for the Arizona state House of representatives, a Republican who won has decided to take an even stronger stand.

In Arizona, Republican Liz Harris won her race for a seat in the state’s House of Representatives – but has pledged not to cast any votes until the entire 2022 election is redone, 12News reports.

“Although I stand to win my Legislative District race it has become obvious that we need to hold a new election immediately. There are clear signs of foul play from machine malfunctions, chain of custody issues and just blatant mathematical impossibilities. How can a Republican State Treasurer receive more votes than a Republican Gubernatorial or Senate candidate?” Harris wrote in a statement.

I have an answer! Maybe people liked the state treasurer more than they liked the gubernatorial and senate candidates? After all, they are separate votes, no?

There is no way that there is going to be a do-over for all the races in Arizona so I wonder how long Harris will stick to her guns, since the above article says,”If Harris follows through on the threat, it could cause some serious problems for her Republican colleagues. They control the Arizona House, but only by two votes.”


  1. flex says

    Mano wrote,

    … I wonder how long Harris will stick to her guns….

    Not long. She’ll fold the very first time there is a close vote, with the ready-made excuse that if she didn’t vote with her party the democrats would win. Let me amend that, she will say that she as forced to vote otherwise the cheating, lying, baby-eating, evil, satanist, and jaywalking democrats would win.

  2. billseymour says

    Remember how the newly elected president Trump claimed election fraud because he hadn’t won the popular vote?  The headline should be, “Trumpista is sore winner.  Film at 11.”

    These people don’t really give a damn about governing.  They just want to mess things up and get attention; although I think flex@1 is right that Harris will vote against anything where it looks like the Democrats might win.  “Look at what you made me do!”

  3. moarscienceplz says

    Oh no, Liz Harris! PUHLEEZ, don’t deny Arizona your votes! And especially DON’T refuse to appear in the House chamber and miss all the quorum calls! We Commie Socialists would just HATE it if you did that mean thing!

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