1. jenorafeuer says

    Honestly, the highest density of animal punning I’ve ever seen was on a holiday card that is actually coming around to the relevant season again:

    Wee fish ewe a mare egrets-moose panda hippo gnu deer!

  2. billseymour says

    It’s possible to read five puns into it:  it could be a suggestion that a ewe shouldn’t grow up to be a boy of any kind.

  3. quotetheunquote says

    @jenorafeuer #1
    Ah, yes, Recycled Paper Products cards! I do miss those!
    I believe I gave that very card to somebody -- about 37 years ago…

    (And on the next Valentine’s day, one with a sheep on the cover, standing on a small plot of land completely surrounded by water; inside, it said “Isle of Ewe”.)


  4. Ridana says

    Been saving this one for you, Mano.
    Astronaut 1: Hey, I can’t find any milk for my coffee. Astronaut 2: In space, no one can. Here, use cream.
    @jenorafeuer: I’ve also seen the one with “Hippo Birdie Two Ewes.”

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